RubyMine 2016.2 发布,增强对 Ruby, YAML 支持

发布于 2016年07月22日
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RubyMine 2016.2 发布了,本次发布主要增强对 Ruby, YAML, RSpec等的支持。具体如下:


  • Frozen objects inspection highlights immutable strings as well as any other frozen objects when modified.

  • Rbenv gemsets support improvements include a new inspection with a quick-fix option available for .rbenv-gemsets and .ruby-gemset files; any nonexistent gemset is highlighted and can be created on the fly.


  • YAML language injection makes possible language-specific code highlighting, completion, formatting, and more.


  • New refactoring for RSpec tests extracts a code fragment into a new let statement and then replaces all duplicate code fragments.

  • Capybara better support allow you to run and debug not only whole feature specs, but single scenarios as well.


  • Support for the upcoming TypeScript 2.0 features.

  • Improvements in React support: coding assistance for component properties defined using PropTypes, support for non-DOM attributes and lifecycle methods.

  • The collection of Angular 2 code snippets. Also, the Project Wizard now supports Angular CLI.

  • New intentions for upgrading to ECMAScript 6: Convert to arrow function and Convert to const or let.

User Interface

  • Support for monospace font ligatures can be enabled with Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | Font –> Enable font ligatures option.

  • Background images give your IDE a custom look with a new action called Set Background Image. Choose a custom background for your editor and IDE frame.

  • Better ergonomics – the Inspection Results tool window has been redesigned; we have also reworked the way RubyMine displays notifications.

Integrated Tools

  • VCS improvements – improvements in working with VCS patches; better Log viewer for Git and Mercurial; unversioned files in Commit dialog; and case-only rename in Git for Windows and OS X.

  • Database tools new features – auto-scroll from Editor in the Database tool window; more context-aware SQL code completion; completion for column values in Table Editor; and more.

  • Markdown plugin is now bundled by default.



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