CLion 2016.2 发布,C/C++ 跨平台集成开发环境

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CLion 2016.2 发布了,CLion 是 JetBrains 推出的全新的 C/C++ 跨平台集成开发环境。本次发布是2016年第二次发布,本次发布新增一些新奇功能:

  • Inspect code more efficiently thanks to improved performance of debugger drivers and the remote GDB debug possibility.

  • Keep your code well-documented with Doxygen support (and thus reduce maintainability costs).

  • Save time on typing, with lots of new code generation options.

  • Work with CMake project model more easily thanks to smart CMake support.


  • Important improvements in VCS support:

    • Files not yet under version control are now shown in the commit dialog, so you’ll never forget anything important.

    • The Log view for Git and Mercurial loads in the background on every change, so it’s always ready when you need it.

    • Patches can now be applied from the clipboard or by simply dragging them into the IDE. There’s also a Show Diff action to check the changes over your local version, and even a possibility to apply patches to files that were already moved or renamed.

    • Don’t worry about case-only renames in Git for Windows and macOS, as CLion now treats these situations correctly.

  • The Inspection results window makes it easier to preview the corresponding piece of code immediately, apply a quick-fix or disable a group of inspections in-place.

  • The maximum supported version of MinGW-w64 was updated to 5.*, and Cygwin to 2.*.

  • CLion on Windows now bundles a customized JDK version with font-rendering and focus fixes from the JetBrains team.

  • Swift plugin for CLion adds Swift 2.2 support, Introduce Variable refactoring and parameter placeholders for Swift. For more details head to the AppCode site.


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