ShareX 11.1.0 发布,高级截图工具

发布于 2016年07月15日
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ShareX 11.1.0 发布了。

ShareX 是开源的高级截图工具和屏幕记录器。使用 ShareX,只需要一个快捷键就可以保存截图到你的粘贴板,硬盘或者上传到 40 种不同的文件存储服务上。ShareX 的插件还可以上传图片,文本文件和其他各种文件类型。


  • Region capture related changes:

    • Tab key or Mouse 4 button will swap between last region tool and last annotation tool

    • Redesigned Task settings -> Region capture tab to be more user friendly

    • All mouse actions (except left click) will be configurable from Task settings -> Region capture that way you can get same behavior as old region capture; for example, right click to cancel capture

    • Removed AnnotationEnabled setting because you can now have full control on each mouse actions

    • Region capture will remember last used region tool and open with it selected

    • Last used annotation tool will be also remembered so that way when you swap tools it will select last used annotation tool

    • When drawing tool is selected cursor will show border color and size, this is also useful to know is current tool is region rectangle or drawing rectangle

    • Allow drawing info text near cursor when magnifier is not enabled

    • When creating region you can hold Ctrl key to change position of region

    • When region is selected Ctrl key will move region instead of Shift for consistency with region create moving

    • Holding Shift will increase region resize or move speed by 10px

    • Holding Alt will allow to resize region from bottom right instead of top left

    • Menu key will open options menu

    • Double clicking when multi region mode enabled won't close it when there is no region to be captured

    • When creating region holding Alt key will more accurately and with better performance calculate close regions to snap

    • Added previous Region capture (Annotation) back as hotkey only which will be called as Region capture (Simple annotate) in hotkey settings

  • Added puush file uploader

  • Added Google Drive direct link option (by @mihe)

  • Added option to remember last drawing mode in Greenshot image editor settings window (by @campbeb)

  • Scale Greenshot image editor window size when icons are larger than default (by@campbeb)

  • Added option to maximize the Greenshot image editor window when it is larger than working area (by @campbeb)

  • In SFTP upload if file with same name is exist, truncate file before uploading

  • After capture tasks -> Show file in explorer and in other places where folder need to be opened with file, it will use already open Windows Explorer window instead of re opening new one (by @dannoe)

  • Hotkey settings and quick task menu reset to default buttons will ask for confirmation (by @dannoe)

  • Implemented Dropbox API v2

  • Option to use file extension for Hastebin syntax highlighting


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