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Apache NiFi 0.7.0 发布,数据处理和分发系统
oschina 2016年07月14日

Apache NiFi 0.7.0 发布,数据处理和分发系统

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Apache NiFi 0.7.0 发布了,本次发布主要提升如下:

  • New Application Features

    • NiFi now supports exposing key/value pairs set in "nifi.properties" to Expression Language.

  • Improvements to Existing Capabilities

    • Added the ability to bulk using Index or Update to PutElasticSearch.

    • Allow concurrent execution of ExecuteScript.

    • Expression language now has a random number function.

  • New Extensions

    • New processors to Get data from SNMP agents and execute SNMP set requests.

    • Added new processor to Put to Slack.

    • New processors to Get and Put data to an MQTT broker.

    • Added processor to listen for messages using the Lumberjack protocol.

    • New ExtractMediaMetadata processor to extract metadata from various file types using Apache Tika.

    • New processors to Delete, Put and Get AWS DynamoDB.

    • Added processor to poll notification events provided by HDFS Inotify interface.

    • Add ReportingTask for sending Provenance events over Site-To-Site.

  • Important Stability Improvements

    • Fixed instance where archiver was not respecting nifi.content.repository.archive.max.usage.percentage.

    • Resolved issue where incoming connection could be deleted while processor was still running.

    • Fixed issue where FileSystemRepository could leave open file handles to data that had already been archived and/or deleted.

  • New Documentation

    • A new NiFi in Depth document was created to give an in-depth, developer level, look at NiFi and its design decisions.

Bug 修复相关记录,可以在这里查看。

Apache NiFi 是一个易于使用、功能强大而且可靠的数据处理和分发系统。Apache NiFi 是为数据流设计。它支持高度可配置的指示图的数据路由、转换和系统中介逻辑。


NiFi Architecture Diagram


NiFi Cluster Architecture Diagram


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