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mapbox-gl-js v0.21.0 发布, MapKit 开源实现
oschina 2016年07月14日

mapbox-gl-js v0.21.0 发布, MapKit 开源实现

oschina oschina 发布于2016年07月14日 收藏 3


mapbox-gl-js v0.21.0 发布了,MapBox 是 iOS 上 MapKit 的一个开源实现。


新特性 & 增强

  • Add text-pitch-alignment style property #2668

  • Allow query parameters on mapbox:// URLs #2702

  • Add icon-text-fit and icon-text-fit-padding style properties #2720

  • Enable property functions for icon-rotate #2738

  • Enable property functions for fill-opacity #2733

  • Fire Map#mouseout events #2777

  • Allow query parameters on all sprite URLs #2772

  • Increase sprite atlas size from 512px to 1024px square, allowing more and larger sprites #2802

  • Add Marker class #2725 #2810

  • Add {quadkey} URL parameter #2805

  • Add circle-pitch-scale style property #2821

Bug fixes

  • Fix rendering of layers with large numbers of features #2794

  • Fix exceptions thrown during drag-rotate interactions #2840

  • Fix error when adding and removing a layer within the same update cycle #2845

  • Fix false "Geometry exceeds allowed extent" warnings #2568

  • Fix Map#loaded returning true while there are outstanding tile updates #2847

  • Fix style validation error thrown while removing a filter #2847

  • Fix event data object not being passed for double click events #2814

  • Fix multipolygons disappearing from map at certain zoom levels #2704

  • Fix exceptions caused by queryRenderedFeatures in Safari and Firefox #2822

  • Fix mapboxgl#supported() returning true in old versions of IE11 mapbox/mapbox-gl-supported#

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