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Aspose.Note for Java 2.4.0 发布
oschina 2016年07月13日

Aspose.Note for Java 2.4.0 发布

oschina oschina 发布于2016年07月13日 收藏 4


Aspose.Note for Java 2.4.0 发布了,支持OneNote笔记本TOC文件操作


  • Creating and Saving OneNote Notebooks

  • Adding and Removing Child Nodes from Notebook

  • Conversion of Notebook to PDF

  • Exporting Notebook data to Image

  • Identifying OneNote File Format


  • This month’s release also fixes a number of bugs that were either reported with the Java version of the API or were auto-fixed after auto-porting from the .NET version of the API. These further aid to the stability of the API.

API Resources

  • Documentation – Visit our documentation section for getting started with the API in no time

  • API Reference Guide – Gives detailed information about all the namespaces, classes and methods of the API

  • Forum Support – Post your queries on Aspose.Note forum to get assistance from our technical support team

  • GitHub Examples – Try the ready-to-use examples of the API by downloading from our GitHub repository

详情:Aspose.Note for Java 2.4.0 supports Manipulating OneNote Notebook TOC Files

Aspose.Note 是一款处理Microsoft Office OneNote文件的类库,是 Microsoft OneNote Object Model 的一个替代品,能提供更好的性能。开发人员可以在C#、VB.NET、ASP.NET web应用、web服务和Windows应用中中处理.one文件。它能够打开文件并操作OneNote元素,从文本、图像和属性到更多复杂元素,然后到 PNG、GIF、JPEG、BMP或PDF格式。

Product Note of Aspose.Note for .NET

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