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Apache Log4j 2.6.2 发布,Java 日志组件
oschina 2016年07月11日

Apache Log4j 2.6.2 发布,Java 日志组件

oschina oschina 发布于2016年07月11日 收藏 7


Apache Log4j 2.6.2 发布了,Log4j是Apache的一个开放源代码项目,通过使用Log4j,我们可以控制日志信息输送的目的地是控制台、文件、GUI组件、甚至是套接口服务 器、NT的事件记录器、UNIX Syslog守护进程等;我们也可以控制每一条日志的输出格式;通过定义每一条日志信息的级别,我们能够更加细致地控制日志的生成过程。最令人感兴趣的就 是,这些可以通过一个配置文件来灵活地进行配置,而不需要修改应用的代码。


o LOG4J2-1395:  Add "direct" option to ConsoleAppender for increased performance. 

o LOG4J2-1437:  (GC) ObjectMessage and ReusableObjectMessage now avoid calling toString()

on auto-boxed primitive parameters. 

o LOG4J2-1415:  (GC) ParameterFormatter now avoids calling toString() on auto-boxed primitive

message parameters. 

o LOG4J2-1412:  Unbox utility's ringbuffer of StringBuilders is now configurable. 

Bug 修复:

o LOG4J2-904:  If copy and delete fails in rename action then resort to truncating the source

file after copying it. Thanks to Bernhard Mähr. 

o LOG4J2-1250:  CronTriggeringPolicy was not properly setting the prevFileTime value for the

PatternProcessor so file dates and times on rolled files were incorrect. 

o LOG4J2-1452:  Fixed issue where reusable messages broke flow tracing logic. Thanks to Mikael


o LOG4J2-1440:  Fix bug in OnStartupTriggeringPolicy that allowed it to roll over on every

reconfiguration. Added minSize attribute. 

o LOG4J2-1414:  Fixed minor issues with the 2.6.1 web site. Thanks to Ralph Goers. 

o LOG4J2-1434:  Ensure that the thread-local StringBuilders used by Layouts to format log

events to text will not retain excessive memory after a large message was logged. Thanks to Luke Butters.

o LOG4J2-1418:  Provide MessageFactory2 to custom Logger implementations. 

o LOG4J2-1420:  RollingRandomAccessFileManager was not properly rolling over on startup and was getting a NullPointerException. 

o LOG4J2-1417:  Fixed issue where Unbox utility ignored the value Constants.ENABLE_THREADLOCALS

and always stored non-JDK classes in ThreadLocals. 

o LOG4J2-1422:  Fixed issue where AsyncAppenderQueueFullPolicyTest sometimes hangs. 

o LOG4J2-1445:  OnStartupTriggeringPolicyTest fails on Windows saying the file is used by another process. Thanks to Ludovic HOCHET. 


o LOG4J2-1432:  Update Jackson from 2.7.4 to 2.7.5. 

o LOG4J2-1433:  Update Jansi from 1.11 to 1.13. 

o LOG4J2-1444:  Update Apache Commons Compress from 1.11 to 1.12. 

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