React 15.2.1 发布,JavaScript 库

发布于 2016年07月10日
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React 15.2.1 发布了。



  • Fix errant warning about missing React element. (@gaearon in #7193)

  • Better removal of dev-only code, leading to a small reduction in the minified production bundle size. (@gaearon in #7188#7189)

React DOM

  • Add stack trace to null input value warning. (@jimfb in #7040)

  • Fix webcomponents example. (@jalexanderfox in #7057)

  • Fix unstable_renderSubtreeIntoContainer so that context properly updates when linked to state. (@gaearon in #7125)

  • Improve invariant wording for void elements. (@starkch in #7066)

  • Ensure no errors are thrown due to event handlers in server rendering. (@rricard in #7127)

  • Fix regression resulting in value-less submit and reset inputs removing the browser-default text. (@zpao in #7197)

  • Fix regression resulting in empty name attribute being added to inputs when not provided. (@okonet in #7199)

  • Fix issue with nested server rendering. (@Aweary in #7033)

React Perf Add-on

  • Make ReactPerf.start() work properly during lifecycle methods. (@gaearon in #7208).

React CSSTransitionGroup Add-on

  • Fix issue resulting in spurious unknown property warnings. (@batusai513 in #7165)

React Native Renderer

  • Improve error handling in cross-platform touch event handling. (@yungsters in #7143)


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