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Jenkins 2.12 和 2.7.1 发布
淡漠悠然 2016年07月08日

Jenkins 2.12 和 2.7.1 发布

淡漠悠然 淡漠悠然 发布于2016年07月08日 收藏 4

Jenkins 2.12 和 2.7.1 发布了,Jenkins 主要用于持续、自动地构建/测试软件项目,如CruiseControl与DamageControl,监控一些定时执行的任务。

Jenkins 2.12 改进记录如下:

  • Enable the DescriptorVisibilityFilters for ComputerLauncher, RetentionStrategy and NodeProperty.    (Issue 36280)

  • Before starting a process, ensure that its working directory exists.    (Issue 36277)

  • Prevent NullPointerException during SCM polling if SCMDecisionHandler returns null veto.    (Issue 36232, regression in 2.11)

  • Ensure that SCMDescriptor.newInstance overrides are honored when creating new SCM entries.    (Issue 36043,     Issue 35906    , regression in 2.10)

  • Performance: Improve configuration page load times by removing the CodeMirror reloading cycle.    (Issue 32027)

  • Fix optional plugin dependency version resolution.    (Issue 21486, previous fix was reverted in Jenkins 2)

  • When creating a tar file, ensure that the final size does not exceed the value    in header in the case of growing files.    (Issue 20187)

  • Do not inject build variables into Maven process by default for new projects.    (Issue 25416,     Issue 28790)

  • Update BUILD_TAG environment variable description to mention the replacement of slashes with dashes.    (PR #2417)

  • Internal API: Make BulkChange auto-closeable.    (PR #2428)

Jenkins 2.7.1 主要改进如下:

  • Installation Wizard: Do not offer creating new admin user if the security is preconfigured.    (Issue 34881)

  • API: Make it easier for UpdateSites to tweak the InstallationJob.    (Issue 35402)

  • Fix the repeatable item delete button layout in Safari.    Addresses Build Steps and other such configuration items.    (Issue 35178)

  • Prevent NullPointerException on startup after update from Jenkins 2.5.    (Issue 35206)

  • Explicitly declare compatibility of Windows build agent service with .NET Framework 4.    (PR #2386)

  • Honor noProxy settings from "Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Advanced".    (Issue 31915)

  • API: Restrict external usages of jenkins.util.ResourceBundleUtil.    (Issue 35381)

  • Internal: Upgrade Groovy to 2.4.7 to finalize the fix in Jenkins 2.7.    (Issue 34751)

了解更多改进信息,查看 Jenkins 2.7.1 完整改进记录

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