Rocket v1.10.0 发布,CoreOS 容器引擎

发布于 2016年07月08日
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Rocket v1.10.0 发布了,改进记录如下:


  • ARM64 support

  • A new subcommand rkt stop to gracefully stop running pods

  • native Go vendoring with Glide

  • rkt is now packaged for openSUSE Tumbleweed and Leap


  • Add ARM64 support (#2758). This enables ARM64 cross-compliation, fly, and stage1-coreos.

  • Replace Godep with Glide, introduce native Go vendoring (#2735).

  • rkt: rkt stop (#2438). Cleanly stops a running pod. For systemd-nspawn, sends a SIGTERM. For kvm, executes systemctl halt.

Bug 修复

  • stage1/fly: respect runtimeApp App's MountPoints (#2852). Fixes #2846.

  • run: fix sandbox-side metadata service to comply to appc v0.8.1 (#2863). Fixes #2621.


  • build directory layout change (#2758): The rkt binary and stage1 image files have been moved from the 'bin' sub-directory to the 'target/bin' sub-directory.

  • networking/kvm: add flannel default gateway parsing (#2859).

  • stage1/enterexec: environment file with '\n' as separator (systemd style) (#2839).

  • pkg/tar: ignore global extended headers (#2847).

  • pkg/tar: remove errwrap (#2848).

  • tests: fix abuses of appc types.Isolator (#2840).

  • common: remove unused GetImageIDs() (#2834).

  • common/cgroup: add mountFsRO() helper function (#2829).

  • Documentation updates (#2732, #2869, #2810, #2865, #2825, #2841, #2732)

Library 更新

  • glide: bump ql to v1.0.4 (#2875). It fixes an occassional panic when doing GC.

  • glide: bump gopsutils to 2.1 (#2876). To include shirou/gopsutil#194 (this adds ARM aarch64 support)

  • vendor: update appc/spec to 0.8.5 (#2854).

Rocket (也叫 rkt)是 CoreOS 推出的一款容器引擎,和 Docker 类似,帮助开发者打包应用和依赖包到可移植容器中,简化搭环境等部署工作。Rocket 和 Docker 不同的地方在于,Rocket 没有 Docker 那些为企业用户提供的“友好功能”,比如云服务加速工具、集群系统等。反过来说,Rocket 想做的,是一个更纯粹的业界标准。

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