Teiid 9.0.1 发布,数据虚拟化系统

发布于 2016年07月05日
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Teiid 9.0.1 发布了,Teiid是一个数据虚拟化系统,让应用程序使用来自多个异构数据存储的数据。Teiid 可以让你用 JDBC + SQL 来访问企业的任何数据,并可对这些不同源的数据进行联合查询。Teiid9.0 将在较长时间内支持提供JRE1.7兼容的平台。


  • [TEIID-3685] - org.teiid.padSpace does not affect to the "IN" operator

  • [TEIID-3771] - Teiid throws an NPE while executing query with nested subquery IN predicate

  • [TEIID-4272] - NPE when CTE and subuquery without a WITH clause are pushed together

  • [TEIID-4273] - With clause used in evaluatable subquery in a fully pushed user query is seen as missing temp table

  • [TEIID-4276] - Default for max sessions not consistently updated

  • [TEIID-4280] - NPE in RuleMergeVirtual when running a query with nested CTEs

  • [TEIID-4283] - External Materialization interleaving loads SYSADMIN.loadMatView

  • [TEIID-4287] - An exception is thrown by PostgreSQL when nested CTEs are pushed down

  • [TEIID-4288] - Cancel method against a socket based jdbc query can wait for synch timeout

  • [TEIID-4290] - Rollback to savepoint should be a no op

  • [TEIID-4304] - Correct handling with subquery in on clause

  • [TEIID-4310] - Sessions can not be shown in web-console runtime sub-panel

  • [TEIID-4312] - INNER and LEFT joins of CTEs fail or return incorrect results


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