okhttp 3.4.0 RC1 发布,HTTP+SPDY 客户端开发包

发布于 2016年07月04日
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okhttp 3.4.0 RC1 发布了,更新如下:

  • 改写了 HttpURLConnection 和 HttpsURLConnection. 

  • Cipher suites 现在可能有任意的名称。

  • Fix: CertificatePinner now matches canonicalized hostnames. 

  • Fix: Don’t crash on non-ASCII ETag headers. Previously OkHttp would reject these headers when validating a cached response.

  • Fix: Don’t allow remote peer to arbitrarily size the HPACK decoder dynamic table.

  • Fix: Honor per-host configuration in Android’s network security config. Previously disabling cleartext for any host would disable cleartext for all hosts. Note that this setting is only available on Android 24+.

  • New: HPACK compression is now dynamic. This should improve performance when transmitting request headers over HTTP/2.

  • New: Dispatcher.setIdleCallback() can be used to signal when there are no calls in flight. This is useful for testing with Espresso.

  • New: Upgrade to Okio 1.9.0.


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