Onyx 0.9.7-beta1 发布,分布式计算系统

发布于 2016年07月04日
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Onyx 0.9.7-beta1 发布了。

Onyx 是一个无中心、支持云、容错的分布式计算系统,使用 Clojure 编写,支持批处理和流处理混合,提供信息模型用于描述和构建分布式工作流。


  • 实时的事件流处理

  • 连续计算

  • ETL

  • 在 MapReduce 进行数据转换

  • 数据清理

  • 数据摄入和存储媒介传输


  • Bug fix: Fixed suppressed exceptions on with-test-env start up sequence.

  • Bug fix: Fixed schema merging for task bundles.

  • Bug fix: Suppress Aeron MediaDriver NoSuchFileException when Aeron cleans up the directory before we do.

  • Bug fix: Fixed ZooKeeper thread leak bug. #600

  • Bug fix: Fixed logging statement echoing the number of processed segments.

  • Bug fix: Only allow peer to write one exhausted input log entry per task. #493

  • Bug fix: Fixed bug in percentage scheduler that failed to use all available peers due to a rounding error.

  • Documentation fix: Fixed lifecycles exception description.

  • Documentation fix: Fixed trigger predicate signature description. #586

  • Documentation: Added more content to the FAQ section.

  • Dependency change: Upgraded org.btrplace/scheduler-api to 0.46.

  • Dependency change: Upgraded org.btrplace/scheduler-choco to 0.46.

  • Dependency change: Excluded ClojureScript from clj-fuzzy dependencies.

  • Design change: Implemented peer-group ZooKeeper connection sharing. This reduces the number of ZooKeeper connections required per machine, and improves scheduler performance.

  • Enhancement: Tasks now time out when being stopped, allowing a peer to be rescheduled in cases where the task is stuck. This is configured via the peer-config :onyx.peer/stop-task-timeout-ms.

  • Enhancement: A message is now emitted to the logs when a job is submitted, but does not start because of the scheduler gave it no peers.



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