Apache Qpid JMS 0.10.0 发布

发布于 2016年07月03日
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Apache Qpid JMS 0.10.0 发布了,Qpid JMS 是一个使用 Qpid Proton 协议引擎的 Java Message Service 客户端。


  • QPIDJMS-131 - Provide for finer grained control over sending of messages as presettled.

  • QPIDJMS-173 - Provide for finer grained control over automatic presettling of received messages

  • QPIDJMS-175 - Add support for a timeout value for drain requests.

  • QPIDJMS-176 - Cleanup creation of the anonymous fallback producer when remote does not support anonymous relay.

  • QPIDJMS-177 - Make the policy objects used in the client more extensable and give more control over their controlled behaviors

  • QPIDJMS-185 - update to Proton 0.13.0

  • QPIDJMS-188 - [CVE-2016-4974] allow whitelisting trusted content for deserialization from ObjectMessage

Bugs 修复:

  • QPIDJMS-172 - Potential NPE in Failover error handling

  • QPIDJMS-178 - ObjectMessage does not always snapshot the store value

  • QPIDJMS-179 - The internal ID generator is appending an extra ':' value to ID prefixes

  • QPIDJMS-182 - TransportOptions and TransportSslOptions clone methods are incomplete

  • QPIDJMS-184 - JMS Selector parsing will not fail if a valid selector is followed by invalid text


  • QPIDJMS-171 - Remove configuration options that were deprecated in 0.7.0

  • QPIDJMS-174 - Update ActiveMQ dependency to 5.13.3


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