Sentry 8.6.0 发布,Python 实时日志平台

发布于 2016年07月02日
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Sentry 8.6.0 发布了,Sentry 是一个实时的事件日志和聚合平台,基于 Django 构建。本次发布改进日志如下:

  • The message attribute on Event/Group is now purely used for search storage.

  • The sentry.interfaces.Message interface now contains a formatted attribute.

  • SENTRY_MANAGED_USER_FIELDS now defaults to an empty list.

  • Issues now render based on the type of data present, which are represented by the type and metadata attributes in API responses.

  • Stacktrace rendering has been greatly simplified and unified across languages.

  • Client's may now pass the 'contexts' attribute, which will eventually supercede 'extra'.

  • Various named contexts are now automatically generated and summarized for Cocoa and JavaScript issues.

  • Added JSON formatting for logs with system.logging-format.

  • Added a loglevel command line flag to most commands.

  • Added two factor authentication support.

  • Added support for setting IP address of an event automatically on event submission for all platforms.

  • Added unsubscribe links to mails.

  • Added email verification.

  • Added ability to link/unlink Issues, support is dependent on plugins.

  • Can now toggle between minified/original code in stacktraces where sourcemaps were applied.

  • Can now upload release artifacts with tilde prefix (~) to omit protocol + host in URL lookups.

Schema Changes

  • Added User.is_password_expired column.

  • Added User.last_password_change column.

  • Added UserEmail model.

  • Added unique index on GroupTagValue(group_id, key, value)

  • Remove unique index on GroupTagValue(project_id, group_id, key, value)

  • Added index on GroupTagValue(project_id, key, value)

  • Added GroupSubscription model.


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