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Weld 2.3.5.Final 发布,Java 依赖注入框架
oschina 2016年07月02日

Weld 2.3.5.Final 发布,Java 依赖注入框架

oschina oschina 发布于2016年07月02日 收藏 18 评论 1

Weld 2.3.5.Final 发布了,本次发布增强 API,新增一些新特性,预计在Weld 2.4将移除CDI 1.2。 主要改进记录如下:

  • fixed static disposer method invocation (WELD-2176)

  • fixed private observer/producer/disposer invocation on a bean with decorator (WELD-2179)

  • fixed Instance.destroy() for dependent session beans (WELD-2148)

  • fixed ArraySet.hashCode() to comply with java.util.Set.hashCode() contract (WELD-2185)

  • log veto actions and modifications of lists returned by AfterTypeDiscovery (WELD-2170, WELD-2171)

  • log a warning when a class is annotated with a scope but does not declare an appropriate constructor (WELD-2178)

  • support extension deployed in multiple WARs in an EAR (WELD-2143)

  • detect non-unique BeanDeploymentArchive identifier (WELD-2165)

  • Weld Servlet

    • fixed extraction of bean archive id - problem occures with embedded Jetty (WELD-2161)

    • improve the way JandexDiscoveryStrategy identifies an annotation annotated with @NormalScope (WELD-2160)

    • weld-servlet-core declares dependency on weld-core-jsf

  • Weld SE

    • do not pass system properties to Weld configuration (WELD-2146)

  • Probe - allow to test bean availability in a given bean archive

  • many documentation and reference guide updates


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