Apache Slider 0.91.0-incubating 发布

发布于 2016年06月30日
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Apache Slider 0.91.0-incubating 发布了。

Apache Slider 是一个 Yarn 应用,它可以用来在 Yarn 上部署并监控分布式应用。Slider 可以在应用运行期随意扩展或者收缩应用。

新特性 & 提升:

  • [SLIDER-809] - Apache Tomcat App-Package

  • [SLIDER-906] - Support for Docker based application packaging with first class YARN support - Phase 2

  • [SLIDER-1081] - add a command, "slider tokens" to save/list tokens to a file

  • [SLIDER-469] - Slider tool should have a option for flexing up or down by relative numbers

  • [SLIDER-874] - Some RAT cleanup

  • [SLIDER-935] - Move Duration to using monotonic time

  • [SLIDER-1009] - Slider stop command doesn’t invoke stop function inside an app package

  • [SLIDER-1012] - Export tomcat app servers and quicklinks

  • [SLIDER-1035] - Kdiag enhancements

  • [SLIDER-1039] - Run slider-agent (py)tests from target directory not src directory

  • [SLIDER-1040] - Slider AM WebUI could be cleaned up

  • [SLIDER-1057] - Kdiag: dump and tell if AES 256 is enabled or not

  • [SLIDER-1058] - Kdiag: dump keytab file out so user may aware its content

  • [SLIDER-1072] - add dependencies on hadoop-azure and hadoop-aws jars

  • [SLIDER-1077] - Improve slider credental setup under Oozie

  • [SLIDER-1080] - move SliderUtils to java 7 language features

  • [SLIDER-1105] - IDE warning about a couple of lines in ServiceLauncher

  • [SLIDER-1112] - ApplicationWithAddonPackagesIT.testCreateApplicationWithOneAddonPackagesForNoComponents fails in Windows

  • [SLIDER-1124] - If unparsable port range is specified, Slider AM PortScanner.java setPortRange() should throw exception - add else part

  • [SLIDER-1127] - slider workflow classes have some javadoc/codestyle issues


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