Crate 0.55.1 发布,数据存储系统

发布于 2016年06月29日
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Crate 0.55.1 发布了,主要更新内容如下:

  • - Fix: Failures on large bulk operations could lead to an stackoverflow error and unresponsive cluster.

  • - Updated crash to 0.16.2 which contains following changes:

  • - Fix: crash_standalone could crash because it contained non-ascii character but no encoding was declared

  • - Fixed "read file" command (``\r``) for legacy Python 2.7

  • - Fixed result info command output for whitespace other than space characters in queries.

  • - Fixed call of `sysinfo` command when launching the shell. stackoverflow error and unresponsive cluster.

  • - Fix: Ordered queries with limit 0 failed

  • - Fixed error handling while preparing execution plans.

  • - Fix: Number of bulk results were equal to the total number of items on bulk inserts/updates, ignoring possible multi-value bulk inserts/updates.

  • - Fixed path to sigar lib in crate.bat for Windows

  • - Fixed proper validation of the ``blocks.*`` table settings at all

  •    SQL operations.

  • - Fix: Allow select statements with more than one level nested arrays in table columns.

  •    eg: SELECT categories['items']['id'] FROM assets

  • - Fixed an edge case that could cause sorted join queries to fail.

  • - Fix: Allow concurrent deletion of partition without raising an exception.

  • - Throw a more meaningful error if an attempt is made to order by an invalid field in a query with aggregations.

  • - Fixed cpu used bug. It was returning -1, even if cpu info loaded from sigar.

  • - Update crate-admin to 0.18.1 which contains following changes:

  • - Resolve path to ``/_sql`` endpoint correctly when Crate is served at a different location than ``/``

  • - Note that 0.55.0 didn't include 0.18 but 0.17, although it was mentioned in the changelog. For a list of changes from 0.17 to 0.18 see the 0.55.0 release section.

  • - Fix in Cloud AWS plugin: Use the current region of the instance if no EC2 region is specified in the configuration.

  • - Fixed a validation issue that allowed setting a primary key column value to null


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