Ionic 2.0.0-beta.10 发布,HTML5 移动应用框架

发布于 2016年06月28日
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Ionic 2.0.0-beta.10 发布了,Ionic Framework 是个高级的 HTML5 移动端应用框架,是个很漂亮的使用 HTML5 开发混合移动应用前端框架。


  • feature-detect: detect if backdrop-filter is supported (89564f1)

  • fullscreen: add fullscreen property to ion-content (f20c7e4)

  • item: sliding items work with list reorder (bfdc898)

  • list: add list headers and item dividers as items (712ff81), closes #5561

  • list: reorder list items (5c38921)

  • range: add debounce input for ionChange event (55eccb3), closes #6894

  • toolbar: control toolbar borders on top/bottom (3a7addf)

  • reorder: hit test refactored (6a52a4a)

Bugs 修复:

  • animation: correctly apply will-change: transform (a1223da)

  • bootstrap: only add customProviders when present (0e9e85c)

  • content: adjust footer bottom based on the tabbar without padding (4567de2)

  • content: set footer height to 0 so it won't be undefined (3db67f9)

  • cordova: fix the status bar padding with the new structure (15642e4)

  • demos: updates @angular paths (b7826ba)

  • footer: show footer toolbar w/ tabbar bottom (99c50a1)

  • generator: fix closing tag for header (47e09a1)

  • header: optional ViewController injection (5a85d82)

  • input: allow button click when input has focus (ae86ab8), closes #6514 #6944

  • input: check if there is a value when setting value (d0b1930)

  • input: fix the clear input button to always be vertically aligned (e4cc672)

  • item: inherit overflow and text-overflow from the parent item in a paragraph (4009575)

  • item: listEle does not longer exist (22fad4c)

  • item: sliding item works with and without borders (2303c16), closes #7081

  • item: sliding items don't fire (click) when swiped (38ab17b)

  • modal: add class name to modal (6e34739), closes #7000

  • nav: auto set iOS black transition bg via css (7842991)

  • picker: adds align to the PickerColumn interface (b8551de)

  • refresher: adjust location after layout updates (603000f)

  • refresher: only listen for mousemove/touchmove when needed (1a58a41)

  • tabs: don't add outline to the class name if it is a logo icon (af22287), closes #6899

  • tabs: fix tabs rootNav (ae40edf)

  • tabs: hide tab's navbar when a page comes without a navbar (2d68089), closes #5556

  • tabs: reference parent instead of parentTabs (ed6d0fa)

  • tabs: swipeBackEnabled works with tabs as expected (2bff535)

  • toggle: host listeners are not longer needed (4aa322d)

  • toolbar: place iOS border on ion-header/footer (48c1ffd)

  • toolbar: position toolbar relative and add z-index (1d8ba4a)

  • virtualScroll: first node should use clientTop/clientLeft (2197d49)


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