GitHub Enterprise 2.6.4 发布

发布于 2016年06月26日
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GitHub Enterprise 2.6.4 发布了。


  • Packages have been updated to the latest security versions.


  • Prompt-less upgrades can now be performed by passing the -y argument to ghe-upgrade.

  • Restoring repositories from backups of cluster nodes has been sped up.

Bugs 修复:

  • The proxy configuration was not picked up by the update check initiated from the the management console.

  • The merge pull request button could remain disabled for an extended period of time following a force-push on a repository with protected branches and required statuses enabled.

  • It was not possible to ignore whitespace in diffs by appending ?w=1 to the URL.

  • Authenticating using SAML could fail if the authentication process took too long, for example when a user is performing two-factor authentication with the SAML server.

  • Importing or restoring a Redis database using ghe-import-redis or setting up a cluster, could fail if reading in the data takes longer than 30 seconds to complete.

  • Repository file uploads would fail if SSL is not enabled on the appliance.

  • Redownloading and extracting an existing pre-receive hook environment could fail due to incorrect file permissions.

  • Migration data exported from GitHub Enterprise with ghe-migrator did not include issue file attachments, which could cause imports to another server to fail.

  • Custom environments for pre-receive hooks failed to install correctly on a cluster.


  • We incorrectly redirect to the dashboard if you accessed GitHub Enterprise using an alias while in private mode. This might happen if you set a fully qualified domain name but the subdomain resolves correctly.

  • Images uploaded to issues save with an absolute URL, so they can be broken if the hostname changes.

  • On a freshly set up GitHub Enterprise without any users, an attacker could create the first admin user.

  • Custom firewall rules aren't maintained during an upgrade.

  • Enqueued background jobs are sometimes not purged when a repository is deleted.

  • On instances upgraded from 2.3 and earlier, restoring a protected branch archived whilst running 2.3, will not restore all the settings correctly. This does not affect new instances or protected branches archived on later releases.

  • Editing custom messages in the Admin Center doesn't provide emoji suggestions.

  • Native emoji are lost when saving custom messages in the Admin Center.

  • Repository push logs don't record whether a push was forced.

  • svn checkout may timeout while the repository data cache is being built. In most cases, subsequent svn checkout attempts will succeed.

  • Git LFS tracked files uploaded with drag & drop are incorrectly added directly to the repository.


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