Apache Lucene 5.5.2 发布,Java 搜索引擎

发布于 2016年06月26日
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Apache Lucene 5.5.2 发布了,改进日志如下:

  1. LUCENE-7065: Fix the explain for the global ordinals join query. Before the explain would also indicate that non matching documents would match. On top of that with score mode average, the explain would fail with a NPE.
    (Martijn van Groningen)

  2. LUCENE-7111: DocValuesRangeQuery.newLongRange behaves incorrectly for Long.MAX_VALUE and Long.MIN_VALUE
    (Ishan Chattopadhyaya via Steve Rowe)

  3. LUCENE-7139: Fix bugs in geo3d's Vincenty surface distance implementation
    (Karl Wright via Mike McCandless)

  4. LUCENE-7187: Block join queries' Weight#extractTerms(...) implementations should delegate to the wrapped weight.
    (Martijn van Groningen)

  5. LUCENE-7279: JapaneseTokenizer throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on some valid inputs
    (Mike McCandless)

  6. LUCENE-7219: Make queryparser/xml (Point|LegacyNumeric)RangeQuery builders match the underlying queries' (lower|upper)Term optionality logic.
    (Kaneshanathan Srivisagan, Christine Poerschke)

  7. LUCENE-7284: GapSpans needs to implement positionsCost().
    (Daniel Bigham, Alan Woodward)

  8. LUCENE-7231: WeightedSpanTermExtractor didn't deal correctly with single-term phrase queries.
    (Eva Popenda, Alan Woodward)

  9. LUCENE-7301: Multiple doc values updates to the same document within one update batch could be applied in the wrong order resulting in the wrong updated value
    (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, hossman, Mike McCandless)

  10. LUCENE-7132: BooleanQuery sometimes assigned too-low scores in cases where ranges of documents had only a single clause matching while other ranges had more than one clause matching
    (Ahmet Arslan, hossman, Mike McCandless)

  11. LUCENE-7291: Spatial heatmap faceting could mis-count when the heatmap crosses the dateline and indexed non-point shapes are much bigger than the heatmap region.
    (David Smiley)


Lucene 是apache软件基金会一个开放源代码的全文检索引擎工具包,是一个全文检索引擎的架构,提供了完整的查询引擎和索引引擎,部分文本分析引擎。Lucene的目的是为软件开发人员提供一个简单易用的工具包,以方便的在目标系统中实现全文检索的功能,或者是以此为基础建立起完整的全文检索引擎。 Lucene最初是由Doug Cutting所撰写的,是一位资深全文索引/检索专家,曾经是V-Twin搜索引擎的主要开发者,后来在Excite担任高级系统架构设计师,目前从事 于一些INTERNET底层架构的研究。他贡献出Lucene的目标是为各种中小型应用程式加入全文检索功能。

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