Calibre 2.60 发布,电子书管理软件

发布于 2016年06月25日
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Calibre 2.60 发布,此版本更新内容如下:


  • Edit metadata: In the drop down list for languages, show the five most recently used languages first.

    Closes tickets: 1594089

  • Edit Book: Check Book: Add a check for missing navigation documents in EPUB 3 books

  • Kobo driver: Improved configuration dialog for the Kobo Touch device driver

  • Copy to Library: Do not abort the copy process if only some books fail to copy, instead report which books failed and copy the rest.

    Closes tickets: 1594100

  • News download: Make all relative links (those starting with /) absolute. Useful when reading on a device that supports web browsing.

  • EPUB metadata: Add an option to disable adding of cover images to EPUB files that declare no cover image in their metadata (Preferences->Plugins->Customize the Set EPUB metadata plugin)

Bug 修复:

  • ToC Editor: Fix ToC detection in EPUB 3 files with only an NCX and no nav not working

  • E-book viewer: In paged mode, when the window is toggled between full screen and window, repeatedly, preserve the position more accurately.

    Closes tickets: 1595307

  • E-book viewer: Fix incorrect page turning when multiple pages are displayed on screen for books that wrap all their content in a single 100% height tag.

    Closes tickets: 1594657

  • Fix a regression that broke scheduling a new news download in timezones west of GMT

  • Edit Book: Fix undocked windows not resizable on OS X

  • Fix a regression in 2.57 that broke rescaling of images to fit the output profile screen size during conversion.

    Closes tickets: 1594098

  • Fix for file dialogs not working on windows when non-ascii environment variables are present

  • HTML Input: Fix error when converting HTML file with URL encoded filename.

    Closes tickets: 1593632


  • Handelsblatt

  • New York Times Book Review

  • Antyweb


Calibre是电子书管理软件,支持Amazon、Apple、Bookeen、Ectaco、Endless Ideas、Google/HTC、Hanlin Song设备及格式,功能十分强大。

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