Peppermint OS 7 发布,基于 LUbuntu 的发行版

发布于 2016年06月25日
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Peppermint OS 5 发布,值得注意的更新如下:

  • Along with the shift to the 16.04 (xenial) code base, Peppermint 7 continues our policy of choosing the best components from other desktop environments, wherever that may be, and integrating them into a cohesive whole with our own software.

  • This time around whilst staying with LXDE core session management for lightness and speed, we’ve listened to our users who demanded a more modern, functional, and customizable main menu and switched out lxpanel in favour of the xfce4-panel and whiskermenu. We’ve also added a new ‘Peppermint Settings Panel’ to further consolidate settings into one place.

  • Due to Google’s dropping of 32bit Chrome and move to PPAPI plugins (which effectively ends flash support in 32bit Chromium) we’ve now moved back to the Firefox web browser for the first time since Peppermint One. With the Mozilla Prism project long since deprecated, moving back to Firefox entailed a rebuild of Ice (our in house SSB framework application) to allow Firefox to open SSB’s in a similar fashion to Chromiums ‘–app’ mode, so Ice now fully supports the creation and removal of SSB’s for Firefox, Chromium, and Chrome .. we ship with Firefox by default but you can choose whichever of these browsers suits you best in the clear knowledge Ice will still do the business.

  • We have a new look, flatter than previous editions (though not too flat) with a dark gtk theme by default and colorful icon choices, we’ve put together a small collection of images by the brilliant photographer Ray Bilcliff with his kind permission .. If you’d like to see more of his outstanding work, please visit:

    or his Google+ page (photos):

  • Because Firefox is known to have some issues with dark gtk themes on a few websites (such as white text on a white background in the Youtube search box) we’ve locked Firefox to a light theme independent of the system default, so we’ve also created a simple to use ‘Firefox Themer’ application which you can find in the new Peppermint Settings Panel, which allows you to unlock/relock the Firefox theming .. so the choice is still yours.

  • We’ve switched text editors from gedit to pluma because of the odd way gedit now handles windows decoration which leaves it at odds with the rest of the system theming.

  • There are many other small refinements squeezed into Peppermint 7, indeed a definitive and exhaustive list would probably make this announcement totally unreadable and deny you the excitement of exploration and discovery, so why not take it for a spin and see what you can find .. after all that’s half the fun right (?).

详情访问 release announcement 或 release notes. 

Download (MD5)Peppermint-7-20160616-amd64.iso (1,054MB,signaturepkglist).

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