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Fossil 1.35 发布, 分布式版本控制系统
MikeManilone 2016年06月22日

Fossil 1.35 发布, 分布式版本控制系统

MikeManilone MikeManilone 发布于2016年06月22日 收藏 9 评论 2

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Fossil 1.35 发布了,Fossil 是一个简单、高可靠性的分布式软件配置管理系统。值得关注的功能:

1. Bug跟踪和Wiki
2. Web接口
3. 自动同步
4. 支持 HTTP 接口
5. 嵌入式 CGI
6. 稳健而且可靠


  • Enable symlinks by default on all non-Windows platforms.

  • Enhance the Markdown formatting so that hyperlinks that begin     with "/" are relative to the root of the Fossil repository.

  • Rework the /setup_list page (the User List page)     to display all users in a click-to-sort table.

  • Fix backslash-octal escape on filenames while importing from git

  • When markdown documents begin with <h1> HTML elements, use that     header at the document title.

  • Added the /bigbloblist page.

  • Enhance the /finfo page so that when it is showing     the ancestors of a particular file version, it only shows direct     ancestors and omits changes on branches, thus making it show the same set     of ancestors that are used for /blame.

  • Added the --page option to the fossil ui command

  • Added the fossil bisect ui command

  • Enhanced the fossil diff command so that it accepts     directory names as arguments and computes diffs on all files contained     within those directories.

  • Fix the fossil add command so that it shows "SKIP" for     files added that were already under management.

  • TH1 enhancements:

    • Add [array exists] command.

    • Add minimal [array names] command.

    • Add tcl_platform(engine) and tcl_platform(platform) array     elements.

  • Get autosetup working with MinGW.

  • Fix autosetup detection of zlib in the source tree.

  • Added autosetup detection of OpenSSL when it may be present under the     "compat" subdirectory of the source tree.

  • Added the fossil reparent command

  • Added --include and --exclude options to fossil tarball and fossil zip and the in= and ex= query parameters to the /tarball and /zip web pages.

  • Add support for encrypted Fossil repositories.

  • If the FOSSIL_PWREADER environment variable is set, then use the program it     names in place of getpass() to read passwords and passphrases

  • Option --baseurl now works on Windows.

  • Numerious documentation improvements.

  • Update the built-in SQLite to version 3.13.0.


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