Emmabuntus 1.00 "Debian" 发布

发布于 2016年06月21日
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Emmabuntus 1.00 "Debian" 发布,主要更新如下:

  • Distribution based on Debian 8.5

  • Addition of Libre and Non-Libre packets to support WIFI connections in Live mode

  • Addition of icons package Revival Icon Theme

  • Addition of HandySoft as new software center

  • Addition of HandyUpdateChecker as software update manager

  • Addition of HandyTri to sort out the files (documents, images etc …) for example in the Download folder

  • Addition of the MintLocal utility to handle the language installations

  • Addition of Scratch

  • Replacement of Gramps by Ancestris

  • Replacement of Arista by Transmageddon

  • Replacement of Iceweasel by Firefox-ESR

  • Addition of driver installation script of the Brother printers

  • Addition of script for screen saver image selection

  • Addition of the non-libre TurboPrint utility for printers support

  • Fix of the non-functioning Catfish by adding the mlocate packet

  • Fix of icon display problem within the Cairo-Dock application menu

  • Fix the Whisker menu setting bug during the post-install

  • Fix an abnormal stop delay after the TeamViewer install

  • Fix the "segmentation fault" bug when running FreeTuxTV

  • Fix the Pinta bug at crop level, by upgrading to version 1.6

  • Fix installation Pepper Flash plugin for Chromium

  • Upgrade of the HPLip script to version 3.16.5

详情请看发行说明Downloademmabuntus-de-i386-jessie-1.00.iso (3,724MB, MD5,pkglist).

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