TorqueBox 4 Beta3 发布,Ruby 应用平台

发布于 2016年06月21日
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TorqueBox 4 Beta3 发布,该版本修复了几个重大的 bug,其中包括了最新的JRuby9版本的兼容性。具体更新内容如下:

  • The rack gem dependency of torquebox-web was loosened in preparation for Rack 2.0.

  • The --exclude option to torquebox jar was fixed to match based on a more natural --exclude foo instead of requiring a leading slash as in --exclude /foo. The leading slash variant will continue to work as well.

  • Long-running monitored daemon support was added. When running in a WildFly cluster, the daemons can optionally be singletons (one instance running per cluster). See the API docs forTorqueBox::Daemon for more details.

  • Calling env.each_pair on the Rack environment hash would sometimes only iterate over some of the hash. This is fixed so that it will iterate over the entire hash as expected.

  • Our performance-optimized RackEnvironmentHash implemention had a method override that was incompatible with JRuby This has been removed and JRuby versions >= should work again.

  • When running java -jar my_torquebox_app.jar -S ... default gems (json, rake, etc) may not have been found or even bundled inside the jar file correctly. Now they are.

  • The WunderBoss version was bumped to 0.12.1, bringing in newer versions of Infinispan, Undertow, and several other of the underlying libraries. This also allows us to support running inside WildFly 10.0.0.Final.

  • Integration tests are now run against WildFly 9.0.1.Final and WildFly 10.0.0.Final.

  • Empty 304 responses sent from a Ruby application were ending up with a Transfer-Encoding: chunked header added and could result in the request hanging for some clients. This was fixed with the WunderBoss upgrade that brought in a newer Undertow version.

  • Repeated executions of torquebox jar or torquebox war will no longer cause the generated archive to continually grow in size. We were accidentally including the existing archive inside the new archive every time the command was run.


TorqueBox (目前已改名为 TurkeyBox)是一个集成了流行的Ruby技术的忍者级应用平台,与 Ruby on Rails 类似,同时扩大了Ruby应用功能,以支持包括任务调度,任务队列,SOAP 处理和远程通讯。

TorqueBox 提供了一个集成的环境,该环境基于最新版的 JBoss AS 应用服务器,提供包括集群、云计算的功能。

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