Apache Qpid Proton 0.13.0 发布

发布于 2016年06月18日
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Apache Qpid Proton 0.13.0 发布了。

Apache Qpid (Open Source AMQP Messaging) 是一个跨平台的企业通讯解决方案,实现了高级消息队列协议。提供了 Java、C++ 两种服务端版本以及 Java、C++、.NET、Python和Ruby语言的客户端。



  • PROTON-250 - Add -fvisibility option when building shared libraries

  • PROTON-1046 - C++ multi-threaded broker example

  • PROTON-1094 - c++:  refactor and documentation of type conversions

  • PROTON-1111 - Fix warnings during make doc

  • PROTON-1117 - Add link.detach method to C++ binding

  • PROTON-1119 - C++ ssl_domain tracking uses unnecessary heap allocations

  • PROTON-1138 - Assorted C++ API cleanups

  • PROTON-1141 - Update JUnit Dependency and fix some warnings in the tests.

  • PROTON-1142 - Remove proton-dump executable

  • PROTON-1143 - Bump Minimum version of CMake to 2.8.7

  • PROTON-1145 - Move the python shim code to the test module where it is used.

  • PROTON-1147 - Add OSGi bundle metadata to the proton-j jar manifest

  • PROTON-1151 - [C++ binding] Move exposed implementation details into proton::internal namespace

  • PROTON-1152 - [C++ binding] Make sure non API details in classes are private

  • PROTON-1153 - [C++ binding] Tidy up various details

  • PROTON-1161 - c++: better interface to connection_engine.

  • PROTON-1178 - [C++ binding] Rearrange delivery class

  • PROTON-1180 - [C++ binding] Change endpoint API

  • PROTON-1182 - C++ binding: replace use of link with use of sender and receiver

  • PROTON-1183 - C++ binding: deemphasize proton::terminus

  • PROTON-1184 - c++: Merge the controller and container interfaces.

  • PROTON-1186 - [C++ binding] Remove proton::url from core API

  • PROTON-1187 - consistent options for endpoints

  • PROTON-1191 - [C++ binding] Tidy up some exposed enum details

  • PROTON-1194 - C++ flow control

  • PROTON-1195 - [C++ binding] Don't use default parameters in ABI relevant places

  • PROTON-1196 - Move connection options accessors from transport object to connection object

  • PROTON-1197 - Ensure that private members don't have exported symbols

  • PROTON-1198 - Add senders/receivers range constructors to connection

  • PROTON-1200 - Improve the C++ binding documentation, round two

  • PROTON-1203 - Improve header file usage consistency



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