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Ionic 2.0.0-beta.9 发布,HTML5 移动应用框架
oschina 2016年06月17日

Ionic 2.0.0-beta.9 发布,HTML5 移动应用框架

oschina oschina 发布于2016年06月17日 收藏 16

Ionic 2.0.0-beta.9 发布了,本次发布值得关注的内容:

Bug Fixes

  • button: check for icon and add css after content checked (f7b2ea2), closes #6662

  • click-block: click block is now showing on all screns. It wasn't previously on Android and d (761a1f6)

  • click-block: fix for the click block logic (9b78aeb)

  • datetime: add styling for datetime with different labels (adcd2fc), closes #6764

  • decorators: changes to match angular   guide (9315c68)

  • item: change ion-item-swiping to use .item-wrapper css instead (31f62e7)

  • item: encode hex value in the detail arrow so it works on firefox (03986d4), closes #6830

  • item: improve open/close logic, update demos (db9fa7e)

  • item: item-options width calculated correctly (64af0c8)

  • item: sliding item supports dynamic options + tests (14d29e6), closes #5192

  • item: sliding item's width must be 100% (efcdd20)

  • menu: push/overlay working correctly in landscape (0c88589)

  • menu: swiping menu distinguishes between opening and closing direction (29791f8), closes #5511

  • Menu: fix right overlay menu when rotating device (07d55c5)

  • modal: add status bar padding to modal (181129b)

  • modal: change modal display so you can scroll the entire height (01bbc94), closes #6839

  • navigation: keep the click block up longer if the keyboard is open (#6884) (d6b7d5d)

  • popover: allow target element to be positioned at left:0 (ea450d4), closes #6896

  • popover: hide arrow if no event was passed (8350df0), closes #6796

  • range: bar height for ios should be 1px, add disabled for wp (f2a9f2d)

  • range: stop sliding after releasing mouse outside the window (9b2e934), closes #6802

  • scrollView: ensure scroll element exists for event listeners (1188730)

  • searchbar: add opacity so the searchbar doesn't show when it's moved over (b5f93f9)

  • searchbar: only trigger the input event on clear if there is a value (99fdcc0), closes #6382

  • searchbar: position elements when the value changes not after content checked (31c7e59)

  • searchbar: set a negative tabindex for the cancel button (614ace4)

  • searchbar: use the contrast color for the background in a toolbar (b4028c6), closes #6379

  • tabs: reduce padding on tabs for ios (fd9cdc7), closes #6679

  • tap: export isActivatable as a const so its transpiled correctly (ce3da97)

  • toast: close toasts when two or more are open (#6814) (8ff2476), closes [(#6814](

  • toast: toast will now be enabled (#6904) (c068828)

  • virtualScroll: detect changes in individual nodes (f049521), closes #6137


  • backButton: register back button actions (84f37cf)

  • item: add the ability to show a forward arrow on md and wp modes (c41f24d)

  • item: two-way sliding of items (c28aa53), closes #5073

  • item-sliding: two-way item sliding gestures (5d873ff)

  • modal: background click and escape key dismiss (#6831) (e5473b6), closes #6738

  • navPop: add nav pop method on the app instance (9f293e8)

  • popover: background dismiss, escape dismiss (1d78f78), closes #6817

  • range: range can be disabled (ccd926b)

  • select: add placeholder as an input for select (461ba11), closes #6862

  • tabs: track tab selecting history, create previousTab() method (d98f3c9)

Performance Improvements

  • virtualScroll: improve UIWebView virtual scroll (ff1daa6)


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