angular2 RC2 版本发布,Web 页面框架

发布于 2016年06月16日
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angular2 RC2 版本发布。


Bug Fixes

  • Animation: Problem with decimals using commas as decimal separation (5f3d02b), closes #6335 #6338

  • animations: Ensure AUTO  s are cleared at the end of the state-change animation (55860e1), closes #9014 #9015

  • animations: Ensure the web-animations driver converts   props to camel-case (4d51158), closes #9111 #9112

  • bootstrap: Swap coreBootstrap() and coreLoadAndBootstrap() arguments (f95a604)

  • browser: Platform code cleanup (75e6dfb)

  • build: Change to work with new packaging system (d414734)

  • build: Declare the secure GITHUB_TOKEN_ANGULAR for package publishing from Travis (ff40072)

  • build: Fix an error in package publishing step where the script errors when a UMD bundl (bac1a6e)

  • build: Fix broken e2e test Travis task by running the right variation of sed on Travis (267d864)

  • build: Force a compatible baseURL for systemjs-builder (e0c83f6), closes #7167 #7360

  • build: Hook up publish-build-artifacts to Travis (97a1084)

  • build: Release compiler_cli packages along with rest of @angular packages and use ANGUL (9a05ca9)

  • build: update API spec to include the return value. (b60eecf)

  • ci: extra API in public_api_spec (f154e2c)

  • ci: incorrect import (cb980d3)

  • ci: make ci fail when compiler integration test fails (5941c92)

  • codegen: codegen all files in the program, not just roots (0d71345), closes #8475

  • compiler: Support for comment finishing with multiple dashes (60a2ba8), closes #7119

  • compiler: add ability to parse : in * directives (53628e1), closes #6038

  • compiler: Added support for '* as m'   imports. (#9077) (e178ee4)

  • compiler: Added unit test to ReflectorHost and fixed issues (#9052) (0658eb4), closes [(#9052](

  • compiler: allow --noImplicitAny (817ddfa)

  • compiler: allow decorators defined in the same file (c1154b3)

  • compiler: emit correct types for literal arrays and maps. (a81923b)

  • compiler: have CSS parser support nested parentheses inside functions (ceac045), closes #7580

  • compiler: Improved error reporting of the static reflector. (cf3548a), closes #8978 #9011

  • compiler: properly report missing DI tokens (#9065) (3aca5ff), closes #8245

  • compiler: Reflector generates imports for '..' relative modules. (35ea02f), closes #9003 #9004

  • compiler: report errors for queries without selectors (#9018) (057abef), closes #4489

  • compiler: support lifecycle hooks in compiler_cli (7150ace)

  • compiler: support string tokens with . inside. (67c80fb), closes #8178

  • compiler: throw an error if variable with the same name is already defined. (#7209) (9036f78)

  • compiler_cli: allow to use builtin directives like NgIf, … (edec158), closes #8454

  • compiler_cli: normalize used directives (ff36b03), closes #8677

  • Control: Support select multiple with Control class (#8069) (84f859d)

  • core: accurate dev mode message for dart (#8403) (19e6538)

  • core: don’t detach nested view containers when destroying a view (e2b1e15), closes #8458 #8471

  • core: fix build (3ff20cd)

  • core: fix type of (#8964) (ddd2ac4), closes [(#8964](

  • core: Keep core exports separate from core/testing exports. (f4f6b87)

  • core: Keep core exports separate from core/testing exports. (#8930) (21fc1bb)

  • core: remove @internal annotation from PLATFORM_CORE_PROVIDERS (2ab1085), closes #8819

  • core: QueryList documentation (#8976) (b160ada)

  • di: type error in InvalidProviderError (c43636f), closes #7729

  • doc: Add missing comma in example (#8769) (00475f2)

  • docs: Fix a missing opening bracket (#8331) (d75f928), closes [(#8331](

  • DomRegistry: fix svg support (307d105)

  • facade: change EventEmitter to be sync by default (#8761) (e5904f4)

  • forms: radio buttons with different names should not share state (6dc88f5), closes #7051

  • forms: rename old forms folder to forms-deprecated (515a8e0)

  • forms: update accessor value when native select value changes (7a2ce7f), closes #8710

  • forms: update value and validity when controls are added (50acb96), closes #8826

  • forms: separate ngModelGroup from formGroupName (5c0cfde)

  • HTMLParser: properly report errors for not properly closed tags (#8999) (6f281ab), closes [(#8999]( #7849

  • http: remove peerDep on @angular/common (29c2dcf)

  • http: respect custom Content-Type header in XHRConnection (#9131) (537e99b), closes #9130

  • http: Set response.ok (9234035), closes #6390 #6503

  • Location: make Location#platformStrategy:LocationStrategy property private (e93b3d2)

  • metadata: Allow spacing in multiple selectors (#7418) (b2e804c)

  • ngc: depend on correct tsc-wrapped package (16ef21d)

  • ngSwitch: use switchCase instead of switchWhen (#9076) (e1fcab7)

  • ngUpgrade: prevent digest already in progress (#9046) (d1c989b)

  • ngUpgrade: prevent digest already in progress (#9054) (7cefec7)

  • pipes: handle undefined value in slice (83c19a1), closes #7152

  • platform-browser: fix rollup config (f4b9728)

  • platform-browser: split dynamic bits in platform-browser into platform-browser-dynamic (6fc267f)

  • platform-server: should declare it's dependency on parse5 via package.json (9485f5a)

  • platform-server: correctly import private DOMTestComponentRenderer (7afee97)

  • playground: fix WebWorker single_thread example (29c77df)

  • query: set fixed @ViewChild / @ContentChild right after the view is created (c3d2459), closes #9040

  • renderer: remove unecessary setElement s method (e504d4e), closes #9000 #9009

  • Renderer: update signatures to make RenderDebugInfo optional (b7b5678), closes #8466 #8859

  • Request: Change Request.text's return type to string (b2e0946), closes #8138

  • router: Added pushState fallback for IE 9 browser. (bab6023), closes #6506 #7929

  • router: browser back and forward buttons not working correctly. (595bcdd), closes #8524 #8532

  • router: don't mark the RouterOutletMap as internal (45de65b)

  • router: ensuring MatchedUrl pass query params (7d853dd)

  • router: openning links in new tab (fa2ce81), closes #5908 #6806 #7749 #8806 #8821

  • router: provide a top-level route segment for injection (b8136cc)

  • router: replace state when path is equal to current path (#8766) (b2a7fd0)

  • Router: do not kill event-emitter on navigation failure (cbeeff2), closes #7692 #7532 #7692

  • Router: replace state when normalized path is equal to current normalized path (2bf21e1), closes #7829 #7897

  • scripts: fix: correct failing to push into builds repo on rerun (17f317d)

  • security: support XSSI prefixes with and without commas. (729dc3b)

  • test-runner: make karma internal reporter compatible with 0.13.20 (#8977) (fe8a7b0)

  • testing: add discardPeriodicTasks to be used with fakeAsync (#8629) (0cb93a4), closes #8616

  • tests: Execute the security specs only once (9634e8d)

  • travis: pin the version of tsickle for offline_compiler_test (7aa1790)

  • tsickle: put the tsickle support code at EOF (3cfe281)

  • typings: remove rxjs workaround (798bfac), closes #7198

  • upgrade: allow deeper nesting of ng2 components/directives (#8949) (48bf349)

  • upgrade: allow functions for template and templateUrl (#9022) (a19c4e8)

  • upgrade: Ensure upgrade adapter works on angular.js 1.2 (#8647) (cbc8d0a)

  • upgrade: fallback to root ng2 injector when element is compiled outside the document (#86 (db82906)

  • upgrade: make bindings available on $scope in controller & link function (#8645) (6cdc53c)


  • animations: provide support for offline compilation (fa0718b)

  • animations: support styling of the default animation state (36d25f2), closes #9013

  • AsyncPipe: allow onError argument (390046d), closes #7990

  • build: Added a version stamp in .metadata.json files. (2d8f776), closes #8974 #8981

  • change_detection: make INTERPOLATE_REGEXP customizable (#7417) (c3fafa0)

  • ChangeDetectorRef: make detectChanges() correct (6028368), closes #8599

  • common: DatePipe supports ISO string (abc266f), closes #7794

  • common/datePipe: change date formatter to use correct pattern closes #7008 (#8154) (324f014), closes #7008[(#8154](

  • compiler: Add support for limited function calls in metadata (5504ca1)

  • compiler: Add support for <ng-container> (0dbff55)

  • ComponentResolver: Add a SystemJS resolver for compiled apps (#9145) (a6e5ddc)

  • core: add a component resolver that can load components lazily using system.js (1a0aea6)

  • core: introduce support for animations (5e0f8cf), closes #8734

  • core/linker: add SimpleChanges type to lifecycle_hooks to simplify OnChanges signature (0a872ff), closes #8557

  • debug: collect  s and classes for the DebugElement (155b882)

  • enableDebugTools: return ComponentRef (4086b49)

  • forms: add new forms folder (4c39eac)

  • forms: add the submitted flag to NgForm and NgFormModel directives (420e83a), closes #2960 #7449

  • forms: allow ngModel to register with parent form (4ed6cf7)

  • forms: compose validator fns automatically if arrays (61960c5)

  • forms: support setting control name in ngModelOptions (a191e96)

  • forms: add easy way to switch between forms modules (22916bb)

  • HtmlLexer: add support for alphabetic cases (43148d8)

  • http: added withCredentials support (95af14b), closes #7281 #7281

  • http: automatically set request Content-Type header based on body type (0f0a8ad), closes #7310

  • http: implement Response.prototype.toString() to make for a nicer error message (89f6108), closes #7511

  • http: set the statusText property from the XMLHttpRequest instance (3019140), closes #4162

  • i18n: extract messages (ac11567)

  • i18n: support implicit tags/attributes (3e5716e)

  • i18n: generate error on unknown cases (5267115), closes #9094

  • i18n: Add file paths to error messages (fe01e2e)

  • metadata: emit all methods (29700aa)

  • NgTemplateOutlet: add context to NgTemplateOutlet (164a091), closes #9042

  • NgZone: isStable (587c119), closes #8108

  • platform-browser-dynamic: re-add a deprecated platform-browser-dynamic (172a566)

  • platform-browser-dynamic: fix public exports for web-worker related symbols (6e62217)

  • regex_url_paths: add regex_group_names to handle consistency with serializers (ce013a3), closes #7554 #7694

  • renderer: add a setElement s method (1ac38bd)

  • router: export RouterLink and RouterOutlet (#8912) (1c92903)

  • router: update router to support lazy loading (0f1465b)

  • SchemaRegistry: add Node.textContent (3b80ab5), closes #8413

  • security: add an HTML sanitizer. (f86edae)

  • security: add tests for   sanitisation. (7b6c4d5)

  • security: add tests for URL sanitization. (7a524e3)

  • security: allow data: URLs for images and videos. (dd50124)

  • security: allow url(...)   values. (15ae710), closes #8514

  • security: Automatic XSRF handling. (4d793c4)

  • security: complete DOM security schema. (040b101)

  • security: document iframe src to be TRUSTED_URL. (3463047)

  •             add minified bundles (9175a04)

  • security: expose the safe value types. (50c9bed), closes #8568

  • security: fill in missing security contexts. (67ed2e2)

  • security: strip XSSI prefix from XHR responses. (df1b1f6)

  • security: support transform CSS functions for sanitization. (8b1b427), closes #8514

  • security: warn users when sanitizing in dev mode. (3e68b7e), closes #8522

  • shadow_css: add encapsulation support for CSS @supports at-rule (cb84cbf), closes #7944

  • ViewEncapsulation: default ViewEncapsulation to configurable (f93512b), closes #7883


  • Location#platformStrategy property was previously accidentally exported as public If any application requires access to the current location strategy, it should be accessed via DI instead by injecting the LocationStrategy token. The likelihood of anyone actually depending on this property is very low.

  • DirectiveNormalizer takes new constructor arguments, config:CompilerConfig.

  • Parser constructor required new parameter config: CompilerConfig as second argument.

  • Parse5Adapter is no longer exported as public API, use serverBootstrap()

  • Bundles are now in the bundles/ subdirectory within each package

  • HTML,   values, and URLs are now automatically sanitized. Values that do not match are escaped or ignored. When binding a URL or   property that would get ignored, bind to a value explicitly marked as safe instead by injection the DOM sanitization service:

    class MyComponent {
      constructor(sanitizer: DomSanitizationService) {
        // ONLY DO THIS FOR VALUES YOU KNOW TO BE SAFE! NEVER ALLOW USER DATA IN THIS! Value = sanitizer.bypassSecurityTrust ('rotate(90deg)');
        // then bind to `safe Value` in your template.
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angular 2.0跟angular 1.x是两个框架,不是升级版!不过两个都感觉设计太重了






angular 2.0跟angular 1.x你可以理解成一个同名但是完全不一样的东西
Angular 1.5 以前版本的确可以这么理解,但 1.5 引入 了 Component(代替 Directive 和 Controller),几乎和 Angular 2 Component 概念一样,而且可以直接使用 Angular 2 的 Router。




angular 2.0跟angular 1.x你可以理解成一个同名但是完全不一样的东西