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Django CMS 3.3 发布,CMS 建站系统
oschina 2016年06月10日

Django CMS 3.3 发布,CMS 建站系统

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Django CMS 3.3 发布,更新内容如下:

  • Removed support for Django 1.6, 1.7 and python 2.6

  • Changed the default value of CMSPlugin.position to 0 instead of null

  • Refactored the language menu to allow for better integration with many languages

  • Refactored management commands completely for better consistency

  • Fixed “failed to load resource” for favicon on welcome screen

  • Changed behaviour of toolbar CSS classes: cms-toolbar-expanded class is only added now when toolbar is fully expanded and not at the beginning of the animation. cms-toolbar-expanding andcms-toolbar-collapsing classes are added at the beginning of their respective animations.

  • Added unit tests for CMS JavaScript files

  • Added frontend integration tests (written with Casper JS)

  • Removed frontend integration tests (written with Selenium)

  • Added the ability to declare cache expiration periods on a per-plugin basis

  • Improved UI of page tree

  • Improved UI in various minor ways

  • Added a new setting CMS_INTERNAL_IPS for defining a set of IP addresses for which the toolbar will appear for authorized users. If left unset, retains the existing behavior of allowing toolbar for authorized users at any IP address.

  • Changed behaviour of sideframe; is no longer resizable, opens to 90% of the screen or 100% on small screens.

  • Removed some unnecessary reloads after closing sideframe.

  • Added the ability to make pagetree actions work on currently picked language

  • Removed deprecated CMS_TOOLBAR_SIMPLE_STRUCTURE_MODE setting

  • Introduced the method get_cache_expiration on CMSPluginBase to be used by plugins for declaring their rendered content’s period of validity.

  • Introduced the method get_vary_cache_on on CMSPluginBase to be used by plugins for declaring VARY headers.

  • Improved performance of plugin moving; no longer saves all plugins inside the placeholder.

  • Fixed breadcrumbs of recently moved plugin reflecting previous position in the tree

  • Refactored plugin adding logic to no longer create the plugin before the user submits the form.

  • Improved the behaviour of the placeholder cache

  • Improved fix-tree command to sort by position and path when rebuilding positions.

  • Fixed several regressions and tree corruptions on page move.

  • Added new class method on CMSPlugin requires_parent_plugin

  • Fixed behaviour of get_child_classes; now correctly calculates child classes when not configured in the placeholder.

  • Removed internal ExtraMenuItems tag.

  • Removed internal PluginChildClasses tag.

  • Modified RenderPlugin tag; no longer renders the content.html template and instead just returns the results.

  • Added a get_cached_template method to the Toolbar() main class to reuse loaded templates per request. It works like Django’s cached template loader, but on a request basis.

  • Added a new method get_urls() on the appbase class to get CMSApp.urls, to allow passing a page object to it.

  • Changed JavaScript linting from JSHint and JSCS to ESLint

  • Fixed a bug when it was possible to drag plugin into clipboard

  • Fixed a bug where clearing clipboard was closing any open modal


  • Renamed the CMS_WIZARD_* settings to CMS_PAGE_WIZARD_*

  • Deprecated the old-  wizard-related settings

  • Improved documentation further

  • Improved handling of uninstalled apphooks

  • Fixed toolbar placement when foundation is installed

  • Fixed an issue which could lead to an apphook without a slug

  • Fixed numerous frontend issues

  • Added contribution policies documentation

  • Corrected an issue where someone could see and use the internal placeholder plugin in the structure board

  • Fixed a regression where the first page created was not automatically published

  • Corrected the instructions for using the delete-orphaned-plugins command

  • Re-pinned django-treebeard to >=4.0.1


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