GitLab v8.9.0-rc1 发布

发布于 2016年06月09日
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GitLab v8.9.0-rc1发布了。

预计到 v8.9.0 正式发布时,能完成以下改进:

  - Bulk assign/unassign labels to issues.
  - Ability to prioritize labels !4009 / !3205 (Thijs Wouters)
  - Fix endless redirections when accessing user OAuth applications when they are disabled
  - Allow enabling wiki page events from Webhook management UI
  - Bump rouge to 1.11.0
  - Make EmailsOnPushWorker use Sidekiq mailers queue
  - Fix wiki page events' webhook to point to the wiki repository
  - Fix issue todo not remove when leave project !4150 (Long Nguyen)
  - Bump recaptcha gem to 3.0.0 to remove deprecated stoken support
  - Allow forking projects with restricted visibility level
  - Improve note validation to prevent errors when creating invalid note via API
  - Reduce number of fog gem dependencies
  - Remove project notification settings associated with deleted projects
  - Fix 404 page when viewing TODOs that contain milestones or labels in different projects
  - Redesign navigation for project pages
  - Fix groups API to list only user's accessible projects
  - Redesign account and email confirmation emails
  - Bump nokogiri to 1.6.8
  - Use gitlab-shell v3.0.0
  - Use Knapsack to evenly distribute tests across multiple nodes
  - Add `sha` parameter to MR merge API, to ensure only reviewed changes are merged
  - Don't allow MRs to be merged when commits were added since the last review / page load
  - Add DB index on users.state
  - Add rake task 'gitlab:db:configure' for conditionally seeding or migrating the database
  - Changed the Slack build message to use the singular duration if necessary (Aran Koning)
  - Fix issues filter when ordering by milestone
  - Todos will display target state if issuable target is 'Closed' or 'Merged'
  - Fix bug when sorting issues by milestone due date and filtering by two or more labels
  - Add support for using Yubikeys (U2F) for two-factor authentication
  - Link to blank group icon doesn't throw a 404 anymore
  - Remove 'main language' feature
  - Pipelines can be canceled only when there are running builds
  - Use downcased path to container repository as this is expected path by Docker
  - Projects pending deletion will render a 404 page
  - Measure queue duration between gitlab-workhorse and Rails
  - Make authentication service for Container Registry to be compatible with < Docker 1.11
  - Add Application Setting to configure Container Registry token expire delay (default 5min)
  - Cache assigned issue and merge request counts in sidebar nav
  - Use Knapsack only in CI environment
  - Cache project build count in sidebar nav
  - Fix markdown_spec to use before instead of before(:all) to properly cleanup database after testing
  - Reduce number of queries needed to render issue labels in the sidebar
  - Improve error handling importing projects
  - Remove duplicated notification settings
  - Put project Files and Commits tabs under Code tab
  - Replace Colorize with Rainbow for coloring console output in Rake tasks.
  - An indicator is now displayed at the top of the comment field for confidential issues.
  - RepositoryCheck::SingleRepositoryWorker public and private methods are now instrumented
  - Improve issuables APIs performance when accessing notes !4471


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