Apache Calcite Avatica 1.8.0 发布

发布于 2016年06月07日
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Apache Calcite Avatica 1.8.0 发布了,Apache Calcite 是一个动态数据管理框架,用于 Hadoop 平台。


Features and bug fixes

  • [CALCITE-1159] Support Kerberos-authenticated clients using SPNEGO

  • [CALCITE-1173] Basic and Digest authentication

  • [CALCITE-1249] L&N incorrect for source and non-shaded jars for avatica-standalone-server module

  • [CALCITE-1103] Decimal data serialized as Double in Protocol Buffer API

  • [CALCITE-1205] Inconsistency in protobuf TypedValue field names

  • [CALCITE-1207] Allow numeric connection properties, and K, M, G suffixes

  • [CALCITE-1209] Byte strings not being correctly decoded when sent to avatica using protocol buffers

  • [CALCITE-1213] Changing AvaticaDatabaseMetaData from class to interface breaks compatibility

  • [CALCITE-1218] Mishandling of uncaught exceptions results in no ErrorResponse sent to client

  • [CALCITE-1230] Add SQLSTATE reference data as enum SqlState

  • [CALCITE-1243] max_row_count in protobuf Requests should be signed int

  • [CALCITE-1247] JdbcMeta#prepare doesn’t set maxRowCount on the Statement

  • [CALCITE-1254] Support PreparedStatement.executeLargeBatch

  • [CALCITE-643] User authentication for avatica clients

  • [CALCITE-1128] Support addBatch()/executeBatch() in remote driver

  • [CALCITE-1179] Extend list of time units and time unit ranges

  • [CALCITE-1180] Support clearBatch() in remote driver

  • [CALCITE-1185] Send back ErrorResponse on failure to parse requests

  • [CALCITE-1192] Document protobuf and json REP types with examples

  • [CALCITE-1214] Support url-based kerberos login

  • [CALCITE-1236] Log exceptions sent back to client in server log

  • [CALCITE-836] Provide a way for the Avatica client to query the server versions

  • [CALCITE-1156] Bump jetty version

  • [CALCITE-1184] Update Kerby dependency to 1.0.0-RC2


  • [CALCITE-1190] Cross-Version Compatibility Test Harness

  • [CALCITE-1113] Parameter precision and scale are not returned from Avatica REST API

  • [CALCITE-1186] Parameter ‘signed’ metadata is always returned as false

  • [CALCITE-1189] Unit test failure when JVM default charset is not UTF-8

  • [CALCITE-1061] RemoteMetaTest#testRemoteStatementInsert’s use of hsqldb isn’t guarded

  • [CALCITE-1194] Avatica metrics has non-test dependency on JUnit

  • [CALCITE-835] Unicode character seems to be handled incorrectly in Avatica

Web site and documentation


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