Open Build Service 2.7 发布

发布于 2016年06月07日
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Open Build Service 2.7 发布了,OBS (Open Build Service) 是一个通用的系统,用以自动的从源码中构建和分发 Linux 软件包。


* Incremental storage of sources from upstream SCM systems
  * cpio archives are stored incremental and offered the to the build job
    as directory.
* Download on demand repositories
  * support changing source repos now
  * can be configured by the administrator via api or webui
  * add support for peer fingerprint verification (using gpg or SSL)
* Source services can be used during build time
  * they get executed before the packaging tool (eg. rpm-build) gets started
    and can be used for creating needed archives.
* New hardware architectures are supported: k1om, aarch64_ilp32
* Many improvements in the maintenance support features
* Allow non-obs urls in kiwi build descriptions, map to obs urls if possible
* Support embargo of projects (#316776)
* Instantiate package api call for projects building service packs
* Support tracking of github issues
* Groups can have an email adress for notifications and contact
* New option to avoid usage of defined repositories when branching a package
  via the OBS:BranchSkipRepositories attribute
* allow to set or modify the accept_at time in a request
  can be used also to pre-approve requests with open reviews
* The frontend will warn you about inconsitencies between the api database
  and the backend via email
* Fix to work when hosted in a subdirectory of the server directory.
  This change allows OBS API and WebUI to be installed on a web server
  in a place other than document root, so its URL prefix has a non-empty
  pathname (like instead of



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还以为是open SUSE的那个obs。。。。