Hawkular Metrics 0.16.0 发布

发布于 2016年06月02日
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Hawkular Metrics 0.16.0 发布了,该版本在 API 方面做了全面的增强,主要包括:

  1. String Metric Type - Enhancements
    • /strings endpoint was enhanced with querying capabilities similar to other metric types, including tag related features (HWKMETRICS-402)
    • The endpoints under /strings are still experimental, so changes which break backwards compatibility could be introduced in future releases. The experimental tag allows time for feedback to better determine what the API should be.
  2. */stats & */raw Replace */data - second deprecation warning!
    • */data has been deprecated and functionality split into two single purpose endpoints, this is applicable for all metric types (gauge, counter, availability, and string)
    • */stats endpoints return bucketed, statistical or query-time aggregated data
    • */raw endpoints accept and return raw data for a metric
    • Please update your code to use the new endpoints and follow the release notes for more details regarding removal.
    • For more details: HWKMETRICS-24, HWKMETRICS-57
  3. REST API Updates
    • Empty buckets are now reported with default values and no samples (HWKMETRICS-345)
    • Rate of change stats can be retrieved for Gauge metrics. This feature was exclusive for Counter metrics but was expanded to Gauge metrics. The rates are computed at query time based on stored data (HWKMETRICS-365)
    • Min and max timestamps of stored datapoints are now returned when querying for metric definitions (HWKMETRICS-383)
    • The endpoint for fetching rates now supports standard query parameters and sort behavior (HWKMETRICS-390)
  4. Hawkular Metrics - Hawkular Services distribution
    • Hawkular Metrics distribution build for inclusion in Hawkular Services is now independent of Hawkular Accounts.
    • Only for this distribution, the authentication is done at container level and tenant id header becomes required.
    • For more details: HWKMETRICS-399, HWKMETRICS-401

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