GNU Hurd 0.8 发布,微内核守护进程

发布于 2016年05月19日
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GNU Hurd 0.8 发布了。更新如下:

  • The netfs library is using the lockless reference-counting primitives for both peropen and node objects now, and the global reference counting lock has been removed.

  • The integer hashing library gained a new interface to use non-integer keys.  It is now used in libdiskfs' and nfs' node cache, and the ftpfs translator.

  • Several bugs in our native fakeroot tool have been fixed improving stability and correctness of the translation.

  • The devnode translator and the hurd-slab library have been merged into this repository.

  • The code has been cleaned up, and we fixed numerous bugs, most notably a crash in pfinet, a locking bug in libdiskfs, and an out-of-bounds access in ext2fs' block cache.

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