Apache Camel 2.17.1 发布,路由以及媒介引擎

发布于 2016年05月09日
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Apache Camel 2.17.1 发布了,一些提升及新特性:

  • [CAMEL-9574] - Be able to force one-way operation when using camel-cxf transport

  • [CAMEL-9883] - Add a SpringCache based idempotent repository

  • [CAMEL-9332] - Support @MockEndpoint and @MockEndpointAndSkip in Spring Boot

  • [CAMEL-9549] - camel-schematron - More fine grained error messages when compiling the schema

  • [CAMEL-9735] - camel-tarfile throws OutOfMemoryError when splitting large files

  • [CAMEL-9736] - SolrComponent gets the wrong Content Type

  • [CAMEL-9740] - Improve camel-infinispan

  • [CAMEL-9745] - Splitter - Should skip null messages if iterator returns null

  • [CAMEL-9752] - Quartz2 Scheduled route too many workers

  • [CAMEL-9761] - camel-swagger-java - Allow to use custom CORS headers for api-docs

  • [CAMEL-9769] - camel-spring-javaconfig - Make the main class easier

  • [CAMEL-9775] - Clean configuration meta-datat description

  • [CAMEL-9776] - camel-braintree: add uri param to configure advanced options

  • [CAMEL-9782] - camel-spring-boot - Allow to configure options on CamelContext using auto config

  • [CAMEL-9790] - camel-kafka 2.17 not throwing TimeoutException back which is throw by Kafka client

  • [CAMEL-9791] - DeadLetterChannel not triggered on RejectedExecutionException

  • [CAMEL-9796] - Internal Access still displayed, no change to JSON generated

  • [CAMEL-9798] - camel-cdi - Add support for injecting default ProducerTemplate

  • [CAMEL-9808] - SFTP: Enable configuration of bulk requests

  • [CAMEL-9811] - camel-cdi - Add support for consumer template injection

  • [CAMEL-9815] - Add URI parameter to skip the declaration of the exchange

  • [CAMEL-9818] - Camel kafka consumer adds legacy (deprecated properties) in the kafka consumer

  • [CAMEL-9838] - Add ends with operator to simple language

  • [CAMEL-9842] - Expose additional endpoint configuration options to UndertowHost handler methods

  • [CAMEL-9845] - camel-jdbc - Silent ignore close errors

  • [CAMEL-9859] - Re-enable Netty4 Channel Options.

  • [CAMEL-9860] - csv dataformat - Should have quoteMode option in model

  • [CAMEL-9899] - camel-rx - Use a worker pool for tasks such as stopping consumers

  • [CAMEL-9900] - camel-jms - provide option for MessageListenerContainer for reply managers to stop quicker when CamelContext is stopping

  • [CAMEL-9904] - Avoid creating an empty default Camel context in Camel CDI for empty deployments

  • [CAMEL-9905] - TarAggregationStragegy should delete temporary files

  • [CAMEL-9915] - Allow to use the tarfile data format in XML marshal/unmarshal

  • [CAMEL-9925] - Update Salesforce component to use Jetty9

  • [CAMEL-9927] - Reduce object creation in RedisProducer

  • [CAMEL-9932] - sql-stored - Add support for arrays in grammar



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