Apache Storm 1.0.1 发布,分布式实时计算

发布于 2016年05月07日
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Apache Storm 1.0.1 发布了,这是一个维护版本,主要修复了一些重要的Bugs,提升性能、稳定性、以及容错能力。内部通信机制消息吞吐量是之前的一倍多,这使得任务间通信效率大大提升。


  • STORM-1741: remove unconditional setting of JAVA_HOME from storm-env.sh

  • STORM-1739: update the minor JAVA version dependency in 0.10.0 and above

  • STORM-1727: document 1.0 package renaming and how to use the migration tool

  • STORM-1733: Flush stdout and stderr before calling "os.execvp" to prevent log loss.

  • STORM-1729: Get rid of reflections while recording stats

  • STORM-1731: Avoid looking up debug / backpressure enable flags within critical path

  • STORM-1535: Make sure hdfs key tab login happens only once for multiple bolts/executors.

  • STORM-1725: Kafka Spout New Consumer API - KafkaSpoutRetryExponential Backoff method should use HashMap instead of TreeMap not to throw Exception

  • STORM-1544: Document Debug/Sampling of Topologies

  • STORM-1679: add storm Scheduler documents

  • STORM-1704: When logviewer_search.html opens daemon file, next search always show no result

  • STORM-1714: StatefulBolts ends up as normal bolts while using TopologyBuilder.setBolt without parallelism

  • STORM-1683: only check non-system streams by default

  • STORM-1680: Provide configuration to set min fetch size in KafkaSpout

  • STORM-1649: Optimize Kryo instaces creation in HBaseWindowsStore

  • STORM-1696: status not sync if zk fails in backpressure

  • STORM-1693: Move stats cleanup to executor shutdown

  • STORM-1585: Add DDL support for UDFs in storm-sql

  • STORM-1681: Bug in scheduling cyclic topologies when scheduling with RAS

  • STORM-1706: Add RELEASE and storm-env.sh to storm-diet assembly

  • STORM-1613: Upgraded HBase version to 1.1.0

  • STORM-1687: divide by zero in stats



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