Weld 3.0.0.Alpha 16 发布,JSR-299 框架

发布于 2016年04月29日
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Weld 3.0.0.Alpha16 下一代 Weld 体验版发布了,详情请看 release details

本次更新包括了一系列bug修复和性能改进,但此次更新的目标是校准 CDI API 2.0.Alpha4,特别是实践"metadata builders" API (CDI-558)的最新版本。



  • [WELD-2098] - ForwardingBeanDeploymentArchive does not delegate getKnownClasses()

  • [WELD-2110] - Subtype passed to Event.select() may contain wildcards

  • [WELD-2119] - EJB proxies should not implement private methods

  • [WELD-2123] - NullPointerException at WeldTerminalListener

  • [WELD-2124] - Integration guide - revisit section A.2.2. Servlet

  • [WELD-2127] - ScanResult.extractBeanArchiveId() is not dealing properly with the Windows file separator

  • [WELD-2131] - Multiple instances of interceptors created for same target

  • [WELD-2133] - ClassHierarchyComparator implementation seems wrong

  • [WELD-2142] - Interceptor/decorator enabled using both @Priority and beans.xml only invoked once in the @Priority part of the invocation chain


  • [WELD-2115] - Provide Weld BOM without transitive dependencies

  • [WELD-2117] - Introduce an interceptor binding to activate request scope within business method invocation

  • [WELD-2134] - Log important actions performed by extensions

  • [WELD-2135] - Weld builder - allow to configure isolation, development mode and registration of shutdown hook manually

Feature Request

  • [WELD-1930] - Nested archive support

  • [WELD-2094] - Allow to proxy classes with non-static non-private final methods

  • [WELD-2102] - Consider adding synthetic container lifecycle event observers

  • [WELD-2104] - Probe - add dashboard with some statistics

  • [WELD-2113] - Conversations - allow to configure defaultTimeout and concurrentAccessTimeout

  • [WELD-2120] - Recover if a transaction is in progress but a JTA Synchronization callback cannot be registered

  • [WELD-2122] - Support handling archives from WEB-INF/lib on Tomcat 8 with unpackWARs=false

  • [WELD-2125] - Expose InterceptorBuilder in Weld builder


  • [WELD-1905] - Revisit org.jboss.weld.environment.se.contexts.ThreadContext

  • [WELD-2097] - Align metadata builders with CDI API 2.0.Alpha4

  • [WELD-2103] - Document org.jboss.weld.proxy.ignoreFinalMethods configuration property

  • [WELD-2136] - Thread pool configuration only works if no custom ExecutorServices is used

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