Kamailio v4.4.0 发布,开源 SIP 服务器

发布于 2016年03月31日
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Kamailio v4.4.0 发布了。Kamailio是一个开源的SIP服务器,原名OpenSER


  • nine new modules: cfgt, crypto, http_client, http_async_client, log_custom, log_systemd, smsops, statsc, topos

  • simulation of execution of configuration file and generating a report that can be compared between versions to detect regressions

  • strong encryption/decryption functions for configuration file

  • synchronous and asynchronous http client

  • custom logging backends – systemd and network udp relayers

  • SMS operations toolkit for 3/4G and VoLTE

  • topology stripping

  • selection of memory manager at startup with -x command line parameter

  • extended embedded API for Lua language

  • new core timer for non-critical tasks

  • plenty of enhancements to IMS and 4G/VoLTE extensions

  • read and write text files from configuration file

  • sql extensions for db text engine

  • config debugger improvements and new features (e.g., print outgoing message without sending it)

  • relative weight distribution algorithm for dispatcher module

  • ability to load more columns from database and store them in hash table for nosql-like caching via htable module

  • ability to load more columns from database and store them in a tree index in memory via mtree module

  • support for alternative federated exchanges and multiple simultanous servers in kazoo

  • per module memory usage statistics

  • many new config file variables and transformations

  • options for database management of rtpengine farms

  • capture all sip traffic can be controlled via a mod param option for sipcapture/homer (no other config functions or flags needed)

  • event route executed when a tcp connection is closed

  • support for SIP fragmentation over websocket



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