XWiki 1.6正式版发布

发布于 2008年10月03日
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  • New experimental support for other syntaxes (Confluence, JSPWiki, Creole, MediaWiki, TWiki and XHTML), including a new XWiki Syntax v2.0.
  • New experimental WYSIWYG editor (Work In Progress).
  • Improved page footer displaying : comments, attachments, history, various information
  • New "Password Renewal and Forgot Username" feature
  • Default account validation & confirmation emails provided in the wiki preferences
  • Rights Management interface now support adding groups into groups
  • Improvement of Query Manager which was introduced in 1.6M1.
  • New experimental XWiki Query Language called XWQL.
  • Added .xml extensions to all exported wiki pages (XAR)
  • The name of the main database in virtual wiki mode is not hardcoded to 'xwiki' anymore, and in virtual mode all database names can be prefixed with a configurable value


  • german
  • french
  • czech
  • norwegian
  • ukrainian


  • Various fixes in the watchlist:
    • Watchlist now works with platform 1.5 and 1.6
    • Fixed rights checks in multiwiki mode
    • Fixed RSS feed generation in multiwiki
  • In some context URLFactory generate URL with wrong server/domain
  • Use of "." in LDAP logins fixed
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