Docker v1.11.0-rc2 发布

发布于 2016年03月26日
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Docker v1.11.0-rc2 发布了。此次发布的更新日志有:


  • Fix a bug where Docker would not used the correct uid/gid when processing the WORKDIR command (#21033)

  • Fix a bug where copy operations with userns would not use the proper uid/gid (#20782, #21162)


  • Usage of the : separator for security option has been deprecated. = should be used instead (#21232)

  • The client user agent is now passed to the registry on pull, build, push, login and search operations (#21306, #21373)

  • Allow setting the Domainname and Hostname separately through the API (#20200)

  • Docker info will now warn users if it can not detect the kernel version or the operating system (#21128)

  • Fix an issue where docker stats --no-stream output could be all 0s (#20803)

  • Fix a bug where some newly started container would not appear in a running docker stats command (#20792)

  • Post processing is no longer enabled for linux-cgo terminals (#20587)

  • Values to --hostname are now refused if they do not comply with RFC1123 (#20566)

  • Docker learned how to use a SOCKS proxy (#20366, #18373)

  • Docker now supports external credential stores (#20107)

  • docker ps now supports displaying the list of volumes mounted inside a container (#20017)

  • docker info now also report Docker's root directory location (#19986)

  • Docker now prohibits login in with an empty username (spaces are trimmed) (#19806)

  • Docker events attributes are now sorted by key (#19761)

  • docker ps no longer show exported port for stopped containers (#19483)

  • Docker now cleans after itself if a save/export command fails (#17849)

  • Docker load learned how to display a progress bar (#17329, #120078)


  • Fix a panic that occurred when pulling an images with 0 layers (#21222)

  • Fix a panic that could occur on error while pushing to a registry with a misconfigured token service (#21212)

  • All first-level delegation roles are now signed when doing a trusted push (#21046)

  • OAuth support for registries was added (#20970)

  • docker login now handles token using the implementation found in docker/distribution (#20832)

  • docker login will no longer prompt for an email (#20565)

  • Docker will now fallback to registry V1 if no basic auth credentials are available (#20241)

  • Docker will now try to resume layer download where it left off after a network error/timeout (#19840)

  • Fix generated manifest mediaType when pushing cross-repository (#19509)



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