mongoose 4.4.8 发布

发布于 2016年03月19日
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mongoose 4.4.8 发布了。此版本修复Bug和新增加的特性有:

  • Before starting to write code, look for existing issues. That way you avoid working on something that might not be of interest or that has been addressed already in a different branch. You can create a new issue here.

    • The source of this project is written in javascript, not coffeescript, therefore your bug reports should be written in javascript.

  • Fork the repo or for small documentation changes, navigate to the source on github and click the Edit button.

  • Follow the general coding style of the rest of the project:

    • 2 space tabs

    • no trailing whitespace

    • inline documentation for new methods, class members, etc.

    • 1 space between conditionals/functions, and their parenthesis and curly braces

    • if (..) {

    • for (..) {

    • while (..) {

    • function(err) {

  • Write tests and make sure they pass (tests are in the test directory).


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