GNOME 3.19.92 候选版发布

发布于 2016年03月18日
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GNOME 3.19.92 发布了,这是我们为预计下周 3.20 发布的候选版本。


  • Use a popover for view and action menus (#760527, Felipe Borges)

  • Add shortcuts help window (#757828, Felipe Borges)

  • Add Shift+Space keybinding to go back in presentation mode (#758162, Jaakko Hannikainen)

  • Rename links sidebar title from Index to Outline (#732547,Germテ。n Poo-Caamaテアo)

  • Add missing tooltips to the headerbar (#595467, Germテ。n Poo-Caamaテアo)

  • Show the page label instead of page number in find sidebar (#756683, Germテ。n Poo-Caamaテアo)

  • Add a systemd user unit corresponding to the D-Bus session service (#755897, Simon McVittie)

  • Recognize multipage DjVu MIME type (#754467, Marek Kasik)

  • Add support for utf8 filenames on Mac OS X to comics backend (#761161, Tom Schoonjans)


  • Fix text selection on Wayland (#759506, Marek Kasik)

  • Manually destroy the search popover on toolbar dispose in browser plugin to try to fix a crashes on plugin destruction (#762838, Carlos Garcia Campos)

  • Check boundaries of accessible pages to avoid crashes when the document is reloaded due to changes in the document file (#735744, Germテ。n Poo-Caamaテアo)

  • Fix translations in thumbnailer help message (#760418, Ting-Wei Lan)

  • Fix text selections in annotation popups (#749727, Giselle Reis)

  • Fix special characters in path to cbz (#643843, Jテシrn Brodersen)

  • Fix css style of loading message (#758356, Germテ。n Poo-Caamaテアo)

  • Fix warning with no document loaded (#758596, Bastien Nocera)

  • Fix unbalanced quote in configure script (Bastien Nocera)

  • Fix installation of symbolic app icon (Michael Catanzaro)

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Version 3.19.92

  * More logout fixes
  * Switch back to Xorg by default
  * Crasher fix
  * Translation updates