Icaros Desktop 2.1 发布

发布于 2016年03月17日
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Icaros Desktop 2.1 发布了。Icaros Desktop 是经典 AmigaOS 的一款开源复兴版本。Icaros Desktop 是基本 AROS 发行版之一,现可立即使用在你的桌面之上——没有昂贵的 PowerPC 硬件要求(AmigaOS 和 MorphOS 就有要求)。


- Updated OWB to version 1.25, build from march 2016
  + Youtube, Vimeo and other similar sites are now supported (HTML5 video)
- Updated DirectoryOpus 5 "Magellan" to latest release
- Updated FPC and PortablE to latest release
- Added a lot of development libraries
- Added GoogleDrive Handler (allows read only access)
- Added configuration tool for GoogleDrive handler
- Added Filesysbox library
- Added NTFS-3G handler (supports Windows NTFS partitions up to Windows 10/2016)
- Added EX-FAT handler (for larger, modern VFAT volumes)
- Improved help pictures for Magellan interface
- Added SNUG HTTP server to network startup daemons
  + you can now access MyWokspace files with a browser
- Enhanced AmiBridge's "Amiga as a service"

Ignition M68K running on x86 desktop

- Updated PortablE to latest release
- Updated FPC to latest release
- Updated ZuneView to latest release
- Cleaned up GRUB2 boot menu
- Restored "complete" user manual and updated to v2.1
- Applications: updated Amath, EdiSyn, metaDiary, RPNScientific
- Benchmarks: added Water, updated GLMark
- New Demoscene folder in Extras with Fract and Timeless
- Design: fixed GrafX2, updated ThemeEdit
- Filesystem: updated Scalos, Unarc
- Games: updated/fixed Ri-Li, added RotateGear, Skunks (OpenGL)
- Media editors: added FFMPEG, ImageMagick
- Misc: added meteData, RFT-Riddle
- Networking: added toram
- Updated AROS system files to Jan 6th, 2016


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