SonarQube 5.4 发布,代码质量分析系统

发布于 2016年03月10日
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SonarQube 5.4 发布了,Sonar (SonarQube)是一个开源平台,用于管理源代码的质量。Sonar 不只是一个质量数据报告工具,更是代码质量管理平台。支持的语言包括:Java、PHP、C#、C、Cobol、PL/SQL、Flex 等。


Bug 修复:

  • [SONAR-6184] - Ghost duplication when moving files between modules

  • [SONAR-6584] - Document the fact that /api/resources?metric is not always limited to 500

  • [SONAR-6740] - Too many error logs when server fails to start

  • [SONAR-6929] - Issues page loads unnecessary facets

  • [SONAR-7011] - For admin, it is impossible to change its own password in the "Users" page

  • [SONAR-7020] - It should not be possible to create a user with space in its login

  • [SONAR-7076] - Error messages are not shown when creating a new quality profile based on an imported one in IE11

  • [SONAR-7107] - On modules, the name of the quality gate can be wrong

  • [SONAR-7115] - Not possible to retrieve system status when forced authentication is enabled

  • [SONAR-7116] - No way to scroll down when searching for a component

  • [SONAR-7121] - Project's File Lock not released on error

  • [SONAR-7123] - Improve size of PROJECTS.NAME and PROJECTS.LONG_NAME columns

  • [SONAR-7125] - SQ startup fails with OOM when temp file is too big

  • [SONAR-7186] - Rule names are not displayed correctly in the issue filter widget

  • [SONAR-7224] - Links to favorite projects in "My Profile" page do not work

  • [SONAR-7226] - L10n plugins can't be up-to-date with SonarQube 5.2+

  • [SONAR-7266] - Project admins can't access project permissions

  • [SONAR-7311] - Under high CE load, SQ leaks open files to CE logs files

  • [SONAR-7384] - SonarQube sometimes does not stop when stopped by Orchestrator


  • [SONAR-1976] - Administrators should be able to request a server restart from web console

  • [SONAR-4004] - Add a new "Code" page for projects

  • [SONAR-6226] - Provide support of OAuth 2.0 secure any access to the SonarQube web server

  • [SONAR-7129] - Create new WS api/components/tree to navigate through components

  • [SONAR-7131] - Create new WS api/components/show to show one component and its ancestors

  • [SONAR-7134] - Create new WS api/measures/component to display measures of a component

  • [SONAR-7135] - Create new WS api/measures/component_tree to navigate through components and display measures

  • [SONAR-7168] - WS /api/system/restart should trigger a true restart of SQ when not in development mode

  • [SONAR-7184] - Add the token management to the 'My Profile' page

  • [SONAR-7192] - Create new 'Projects' page for views

  • [SONAR-7228] - Create new "My Issues" page

  • [SONAR-7231] - Create new "Security" page in "My Space"

  • [SONAR-7261] - Embed JavaScript and C# plugins in the default distribution


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