DBeaver 3.6.1发布

发布于 2016年03月07日
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DBeaver 3.6.1 has been released.
This is a hotfix version. It contains a few new features and a set of urgent bugfixes of previous major version (3.6.).

  •             PostgreSQL: multi-database support was fixed.

  •             PostgreSQL: Older (<8.4) versions support was fixed.

  •             PostgreSQL: Cross-schema foreign keys support.

  •             Cassandra: date/time types handler fixed.

  •             MySQL: privileges editor was fixed, collations sorting was added.

  •             Taradata: URL template was fixed.

  •             SQL editor has been improved. A big number of new configuration options was added.

  •             SQL keywords/functions list was fixed/updated

  •             Content assistant was fixed (show only available schemas).

  •             Support of named tabs for SQL queries was added.

  •             Foreign keys navigation shortcuts were added.

  •             Local results ordering was fixed.

  •             Preference pages were reorganized.

  •             Driver force download option was added.

  •             BLOB caching feature was added.

  •             Many minor UI fixes and improvements.

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