rugged v0.24.0b14 发布,Git 的 Ruby 开发包

发布于 2016年03月03日
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Rugged 是一个 Git 的 Ruby 开发包,使用 libgit2 API 。更新记录如下:

  • Add Rugged::Repository#checkout_index.

    This allows to perform checkout from a given GIT index. It might be handy in case of manual merge conflicts resolution with user intervention.

    Dmytro Milinevskyy

  • Add accessors for the Repository ident.

    Added Repository#ident and Repository#ident= to read and set the identity that is used when writing reflog entries.

    Arthur Schreiber

  • Rugged::Remote instances are now immutable.

    Arthur Schreiber

    • Remote#clear_refspecs and Remote#save were removed without replacement.

    • Remote#url= and Remote#push_url= were removed and replaced byRemoteCollection#set_url and RemoteCollection#set_push_url.

    • Remote#add_push and Remote#add_fetch were removed and replaced byRemoteCollection#add_push_refspec andRemoteCollection#add_fetch_refspec.

  • Update bundled libgit2 to 9042693e283f65d9afb4906ed693a862a250664b.

    Arthur Schreiber

  • Updated the API of reflog modifying methods.

    This removes both the optional :message as well as :signature options from the following methods:

    Additionally, the :signature option from Remote#fetch was removed as well.

    The reflog message is now automatically generated and committed with the the identity that is set in the Repository's configuration.

    Arthur Schreiber

    • BranchCollection#create, BranchCollection#move, BranchCollection#rename

    • ReferenceCollection#create, ReferenceCollection#rename

    • Remote#push

    • Repository#reset

  • The :safe_create flag was removed from Repository#checkout_tree.

    You can use :create in combination with :recreate_missing instead.

    Arthur Schreiber


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