Gitlab 8.5.0 RC2 发布,Git 代码托管系统

发布于 2016年02月18日
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Gitlab 8.5 发布了第二个 RC 版本,8.5 版本即将包含如下的改进:

v 8.5.0 (unreleased)
  - Fix duplicate "me" in tooltip of the "thumbsup" awards Emoji (Stan Hu)
  - Cache various Repository methods to improve performance (Yorick Peterse)
  - Fix duplicated branch creation/deletion Web hooks/service notifications when using Web UI (Stan Hu)
  - Ensure rake tasks that don't need a DB connection can be run without one
  - Update New Relic gem to (Stan Hu)
  - Add "visibility" flag to GET /projects api endpoint
  - Add an option to supply root email through an environmental variable (Koichiro Mikami)
  - Ignore binary files in code search to prevent Error 500 (Stan Hu)
  - Render sanitized SVG images (Stan Hu)
  - Support download access by PRIVATE-TOKEN header (Stan Hu)
  - Upgrade gitlab_git to 7.2.23 to fix commit message mentions in first branch push
  - Add option to include the sender name in body of Notify email (Jason Lee)
  - New UI for pagination
  - Don't prevent sign out when 2FA enforcement is enabled and user hasn't yet
    set it up
  - API: Added "merge_requests/:merge_request_id/closes_issues" (Gal Schlezinger)
  - Fix diff comments loaded by AJAX to load comment with diff in discussion tab
  - Fix relative links in other markup formats (Ben Boeckel)
  - Whitelist raw "abbr" elements when parsing Markdown (Benedict Etzel)
  - Fix label links for a merge request pointing to issues list
  - Don't vendor minified JS
  - Increase project import timeout to 15 minutes
  - Be more permissive with email address validation: it only has to contain a single '@'
  - Display 404 error on group not found
  - Track project import failure
  - Support Two-factor Authentication for LDAP users
  - Display database type and version in Administration dashboard
  - Allow limited Markdown in Broadcast Messages
  - Fix visibility level text in admin area (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Warn admin during OAuth of granting admin rights (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Update the ExternalIssue regex pattern (Blake Hitchcock)
  - Remember user's inline/side-by-side diff view preference in a cookie (Kirill Katsnelson)
  - Optimized performance of finding issues to be closed by a merge request
  - Add `avatar_url`, `description`, `git_ssh_url`, `git_http_url`, `path_with_namespace`
    and `default_branch` in `project` in push, issue, merge-request and note webhooks data (Kirill Zaitsev)
  - Deprecate the `ssh_url` in favor of `git_ssh_url` and `http_url` in favor of `git_http_url`
    in `project` for push, issue, merge-request and note webhooks data (Kirill Zaitsev)
  - Deprecate the `repository` key in push, issue, merge-request and note webhooks data, use `project` instead (Kirill Zaitsev)
  - API: Expose MergeRequest#merge_status (Andrei Dziahel)
  - Revert "Add IP check against DNSBLs at account sign-up"
  - Actually use the `skip_merges` option in Repository#commits (Tony Chu)
  - Fix API to keep request parameters in Link header (Michael Potthoff)
  - Deprecate API "merge_request/:merge_request_id/comments". Use "merge_requests/:merge_request_id/notes" instead
  - Deprecate API "merge_request/:merge_request_id/...". Use "merge_requests/:merge_request_id/..." instead
  - Prevent parse error when name of project ends with .atom and prevent path issues
  - Mark inline difference between old and new paths when a file is renamed
  - Support Akismet spam checking for creation of issues via API (Stan Hu)
  - API: Allow to set or update a merge-request's milestone (Kirill Skachkov)
  - Improve UI consistency between projects and groups lists
  - Add sort dropdown to dashboard projects page
  - Fixed logo animation on Safari (Roman Rott)
  - Hide remove source branch button when the MR is merged but new commits are pushed (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - In seach autocomplete show only groups and projects you are member of
  - Don't process cross-reference notes from forks
  - Fix: init.d script not working on OS X
  - Faster snippet search
  - Title for milestones should be unique (Zeger-Jan van de Weg)
  - Validate correctness of maximum attachment size application setting
  - Replaces "Create merge request" link with one to the "Merge Request" when one exists
  - Fix CI builds badge, add a new link to builds badge, deprecate the old one
  - Fix broken link to project in build notification emails

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