Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20 发布

发布于 2016年02月05日
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Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20 发布,更新如下:

*** 改进***
    * The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This
release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2016/Feb/03).
    * Linux kernel was updated to 4.3.3-7. From Linux kernel v4, the
default union file system has been changed to overlay, therefore if you
edit boot parameter manually, you have to use "union=overlay". No more
using "union=aufs". Due to the linux kernel change in Debian repository,
no more i586 linux kernel, so now Debian-based Clonezilla live is only
released with 3 architectures: i686, i686-pae and amd64.
    * Partclone was updated to 0.2.87-drbl2. A fat16 issue was fixed.
Thanks to Łukasz Stefanowicz for reporting this.
    * New file system nilfs2 is supported in this release.
    * Now ocs-onthefly supports nvme device cloning, and can work for
different types of disk cloning, e.g. nvme0n1 -> sda or vice versa.
    * Make ocs-install-grub run when it's a GPT disk with a special
"bios_boot" partition exists in the machine using legacy BIOS.
    * By default the image integrity will be checked before restoring.
The option "-scr" can be used to skip this checking. Thanks to Nabi
OUMAROV (contact _at_ nabioumarov com) for the feedback.
    * The option "-sc" was replaced by "-scs" in drbl-ocs and ocs-sr.
This will be easier to tell the differences between saving and restoring
image. Option "-sc" is still working in the same way with "-scs", but
might be dropped in the future.
    * Packages fatresize, nilfs-tools and fancontrol were added.
    * Add removing swapfile.sys in ocs-rm-win-swap-hib. Thanks to
Bartosz Bątorek batorek _at_ gmail com> for suggesting this.

*** BUG 修复 ***
    * The size with more than one partition not expanding should be
added to the later partition in ocs-expand-gpt-pt.
    * "Shoutdown" should be "Desligar" in luanguage file pt_BR. Thanks
to Luciano (lboni2 _at_ yahoo com br) for correcting this.
    * Use parted to fill the last partitition to the end of disk
because there might be some resudial in the calculation of
ocs-expand-gpt-pt. Thanks to Conan for this suggestion. Ref:
    * Avoiding TUI messages overriding the error messages in
ocs-live-restore. Thanks to Stew Fisher fisher _at_ oncology ox ac uk>
for reporting this issue.
    * Avoid using the preserved word of grub2 "prefix" in the grub.cfg.
Thanks to Joey3000. (
    * Failed to deal with partition name with extra "p", like: *cciss*,
      *mmcblk*, *md*, *rd*, *ida*, *nvme*, Thanks to quozl for
reporting this bug. (
    * Use fatresize to resize FAT file system instead of parted since
resize function is no more in parted >= 3. Thanks to quozl for reporting
this bug. (



Clonezilla 是一个分区和磁盘的克隆工具,类似于 Symantec Ghost。该工具性能不错,克隆5G的系统到40个客户端,只需要短短的10分钟。该工具还包含一个自动启动光盘版本—— Clonezilla Live

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