Docker v1.10 正式版 发布


Docker v1.10 正式版 发布了,更新如下:

重要: Docker 1.10 使用新的映像和层的内容定位存储技术。因此当首次运行的时候会执行一个移植操作,移植的时间取决于映像的数量。详情请看
Engine 1.10 migrator ,详情请看:

Docker 1.10 完整改进内容包括:


  • New docker update command that allows updating resource constraints on running containers #15078

  • Add --tmpfs flag to docker run to create a tmpfs mount in a container #13587

  • Add --format flag to docker images command #17692

  • Allow to set daemon configuration in a file and hot-reload it with the SIGHUP signal #18587

  • Updated docker events to include more meta-data and event types #18888This change is backward compatible in the API, but not on the CLI.

  • Add --blkio-weight-device flag to docker run #13959

  • Add --device-read-bps and --device-write-bps flags to docker run #14466

  • Add --device-read-iops and --device-write-iops flags to docker run #15879

  • Add --oom-score-adj flag to docker run #16277

  • Add --detach-keys flag to attach, run, start and exec commands to override the default key sequence that detaches from a container  #15666

  • Add --shm-size flag to run, create and build to set the size of /dev/shm #16168

  • Show the number of running, stopped, and paused containers in docker info #19249

  • Show the OSType and Architecture in docker info #17478

  • Add --cgroup-parent flag on daemon to set cgroup parent for all containers #19062

  • Add -L flag to docker cp to follow symlinks #16613

  • New status=dead filter for docker ps #17908

  • Change docker run exit codes to distinguish between runtime and application errors #14012

  • Enhance docker events --since and --until to support nanoseconds and timezones #17495

  • Add --all/-a flag to stats to include both running and stopped containers #16742

  • Change the default cgroup-driver to cgroupfs #17704

  • Emit a "tag" event when tagging an image with build -t #17115

  • Best effort for linked containers' start order when starting the daemon #18208

  • Add ability to add multiple tags on build #15780

  • Permit OPTIONS request against any url, thus fixing issue with CORS #19569

  • Fix the --quiet flag on docker build to actually be quiet #17428

  • Fix docker images --filter dangling=false to now show all non-dangling images #19326

  • Fix race condition causing autorestart turning off on restart #17629

  • Recognize GPFS filesystems #19216

  • Fix obscure bug preventing to start containers #19751

  • Forbid exec during container restart #19722

  • devicemapper: Increasing --storage-opt dm.basesize will now increase the base device size on daemon restart #19123


  • Add --userns-remap flag to daemon to support user namespaces (previously in experimental) #19187

  • Add support for custom seccomp profiles in --security-opt #17989

  • Add default seccomp profile #18780

  • Add --authorization-plugin flag to daemon to customize ACLs #15365

  • Docker Content Trust now supports the ability to read and write user delegations #18887This is an optional, opt-in feature that requires the explicit use of the Notary command-line utility in order to be enabled. Enabling delegation support in a specific repository will break the ability of Docker 1.9 and 1.8 to pull from that repository, if content trust is enabled.

  • Allow SELinux to run in a container when using the BTRFS storage driver #16452


  • Use content-addressable storage for images and layers #17924Note that a migration is performed the first time docker is run; it can take a significant amount of time depending on the number of images and containers present. Images no longer depend on the parent chain but contain a list of layer references.docker load/docker save tarballs now also contain content-addressable image configurations. For more information:

  • Add support for the new manifest format ("schema2") #18785

  • Lots of improvements for push and pull: performance++, retries on failed downloads, cancelling on client disconnect #18353, #18418, #19109, #18353

  • Limit v1 protocol fallbacks #18590

  • Fix issue where docker could hang indefinitely waiting for a nonexistent process to pull an image #19743


  • Use DNS-based discovery instead of /etc/hosts #19198

  • Support for network-scoped alias using --net-alias on run and --alias on network connect #19242

  • Add --ip and --ip6 on run and network connect to support custom IP addresses for a container in a network #19001

  • Add --ipam-opt to network create for passing custom IPAM options #17316

  • Add --internal flag to network create to restrict external access to and from the network #19276

  • Add kv.path option to --cluster-store-opt #19167

  • Add discovery.heartbeat and discovery.ttl options to --cluster-store-opt to configure discovery TTL and heartbeat timer #18204

  • Add --format flag to network inspect #17481

  • Add --link to network connect to provide a container-local alias #19229

  • Support for Capability exchange with remote IPAM plugins #18775

  • Add --force to network disconnect to force container to be disconnected from network #19317

  • Support for multi-host networking using built-in overlay driver for all engine supported kernels: 3.10+ #18775

  • --link is now supported on docker run for containers in user-defined network #19229

  • Enhance docker network rm to allow removing multiple networks #17489

  • Include container names in network inspect #17615

  • Include auto-generated subnets for user-defined networks in network inspect #17316

  • Add --filter flag to network ls to hide predefined networks #17782

  • Add support for network connect/disconnect to stopped containers #18906

  • Add network ID to container inspect #19323

  • Fix MTU issue where Docker would not start with two or more default routes #18108

  • Fix duplicate IP address for containers #18106

  • Fix issue preventing sometimes docker from creating the bridge network #19338

  • Do not substitute name server when using --net=host #19573


  • New logging driver for Splunk #16488

  • Add support for syslog over TCP+TLS #18998

  • Enhance docker logs --since and --until to support nanoseconds and time #17495

  • Enhance AWS logs to auto-detect region #16640


  • Add support to set the mount propagation mode for a volume #17034

  • Add ls and inspect endpoints to volume plugin API #16534Existing plugins need to make use of these new APIs to satisfy users' expectation For that, please use the new MIME type application/vnd.docker.plugins.v1.2+json #19549

  • Fix data not being copied to named volumes #19175

  • Fix issues preventing volume drivers from being containerized #19500

  • Fix docker volumes ls --dangling=false to now show all non-dangling volumes #19671

  • Do not remove named volumes on container removal #19568

  • Allow external volume drivers to host anonymous volumes #19190


  • Add support for ** in .dockerignore to wildcard multiple levels of directories #17090

  • Fix handling of UTF-8 characters in Dockerfiles #17055

  • Fix permissions problem when reading from STDIN #19283


  • Add support for overriding the API version to use via an DOCKER_API_VERSION environment-variable #15964

  • Fix a bug preventing Windows clients to log in to Docker Hub #19891


  • systemd: Set TasksMax in addition to LimitNPROC in systemd service file #19391


  • Remove LXC support. The LXC driver was deprecated in Docker 1.8, and has now been removed #17700

  • Remove --exec-driver daemon flag, because it is no longer in use #17700

  • Remove old deprecated single-dashed long CLI flags (such as -rm; use --rm instead) #17724

  • Deprecate HostConfig at API container start #17799

  • Deprecate docker packages for newly EOL'd Linux distributions: Fedora 21 and Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid) #18794, #18809

  • Deprecate -f flag for docker tag #18350


Ubuntu/Debian: curl -fsSL | sh
Linux 64bit binary:
Darwin/OSX 64bit client binary:
Linux 64bit tgz:
Windows 64bit client binary:
Windows 32bit client binary:

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